How To Make Money with a Dump Trailer

Dump trailers have a wide range of uses in our lives. This also means that we can use it to make money when we have completed our tasks with a dump trailer. The most common way to make money is by using dump trailers to make deliveries.

What kind of cargo can be transported in dump trailers?

1. Landscape installation

Dump trailers can be used to transport mulch, topsoil and other materials. Some users may not be able to transport landscape materials to their destination after purchasing them in bulk, you can use a dump trailer to help with delivery.

dump trailer

2. Garbage removal

Dump trailers have a large capacity and a reliable lifting capacity, so they can be an effective tool for transporting trash. You can help others transport trash or pick up trash at the job site. Once the dump trailer is fully loaded, you can drive it to the nearest recycling or waste station for easy trash removal.

When you need to remove the trash yourself, you can save money on dumpster deliveries with a dump trailer. Most scrapyards offer some lower rates when you take your trash to the scrapyard. If there is a lot of scrap metal in the trash, then you can also make some money from the debris.

3. Heavy Duty Transport

Some customized dump trailers may have powerful hydraulic systems for dumping loads. They will have more load capacity than a typical dump trailer. You can use it to do two jobs at once. For example, you can unload lawn equipment at a customer’s destination, and then drive to another destination for unloading mulch.

4. Driveway Repair

Some roads often have potholes or cracks due to their longevity. Road repair projects often require tons of material, and the dump trailer is an excellent choice for transporting the material. It can take on the job of transporting gravel, asphalt or natural stone.

dump trailer with stone

How to make money with a dump trailer?

Once you know what items you can transport with a dump trailer, you can use it to make money. However, you need to pay attention to the following points.

1. Purchase Insurance

When you are transporting bulk materials, or other materials, or assisting with debris removal, it is highly recommended that you purchase liability insurance. Whether you are preparing for a short haul or an interstate shipment.

2. Calculation of expenses

Expenses include the cost of operating the business and freight costs. Operating expenses include equipment, inventory, taxes, insurance, and miscellaneous expenses. If your dump trailer is rented, then there are also rental costs to consider. You need to know the approximate costs to facilitate setting freight rates.

When setting freight rates, you can search the Internet now and ask for their current rates. You can also call the service and ask what they charge. In addition to considering the average cost, you need to consider the following questions.

  • What is the minimum load you are shipping? What is the shortest distance accepted?
  • Do you want to charge per sale or per type of load?
  • Do you charge by weight or by quantity for different types of materials?

After considering these questions, you will have a better chance to make money with a dump trailer.

3. Payment Methods

There is now a myriad of options available for receiving payments. Some common ones are PayPal, Stripe, Venmo, Square, etc. You need to have at least one of these payment methods to receive payments.

4. Transportation or rental

In addition to providing transportation services for others, you can also choose to rent out the dump trailer. When you are not using it, renting it out is also a good option. After all, not everyone can afford to buy large equipment.

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