How to Load a Flatbed Trailer

Accidents about semi-trailers happen every year. Part of it is due to improper securing, causing the load to fall off while driving, and part of it is due to overloading. These flying loads can also damage property near the road, causing additional damage.

To avoid tragedies, how to load a flatbed trailer?

The open design of the flatbed makes it easy to load and unload cargo. But it also makes it easy for cargo to move off the trailer on its own! Therefore, each time you load a trailer, you need to take the following actions or consider the following issues.

Before loading cargo

  1. Consider the characteristics of the load. The weight, shape, or other factors of the cargo will affect the possibility of its movement in transport. So before loading, you need to consider the physics of how they accelerate, stop or rotate on a flatbed, taking into account the cargo and local regulations. You also need to be careful that the weight of the cargo does not exceed the load capacity of the tractor.
  2. Check. A portion of the flatbed trailer bed is made of wood, so these need to be inspected for corrosion or damage before loading. Also, check the D-rings to make sure they are compressed and not cracked or bent. The D-rings must be tight against the deck. If damage is found then do not load any cargo until repairs are completed.
flatbed trailer floor

When loading cargo

  1. Weight distribution. This is the most important thing. The weight of the cargo needs to be spread as evenly as possible across the trailer bed. It is also important to consider the weight capacity of each axle to ensure that the weight of the cargo does not exceed this range and to avoid overloading the axles. About 60% of the cargo should be placed on the front half of the flatbed and secured with chains or straps.
  2. Lower the center of gravity. This is to ensure that the trailer can be driven properly. Please place heavy loads on the floor and above the axles. Loading upward from the bottom to ensure that the weight can be evenly distributed on the left and right sides.
  3. Cover the load. If you are carrying materials that may be blown off the trailer by the wind, a tarp or other covering to hold it in place completely is a must.

When unloading cargo

The uninstallation procedure usually varies depending on the load. It may require a machine to remove it, or it may have to be done by hand. If you need access to the bed of the trailer to handle the load for unloading, then use a portable safety ladder.

unload cargo

Find the right flatbed trailer

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