How to Load a Car on a Car Hauler Trailer?

Whether you are transporting your car to your new home or want to tow the vehicle to a repairman, safe transport of the vehicle is your top priority.

So how to load the car on a car hauler trailer?



Before loading the car, you need to carefully inspect your car hauler trailer. The inspection includes: the floor of the trailer, the tie-down ring and the track system. For the track system, what you need to pay attention to is whether it shows signs of damage, looseness or bending. The damaged track will even make you lose control of your car hauler.

car hauler trailer


Please make sure that your tractor and car trailer are parked on a firm, level surface. And make sure that the parking brake of the tow vehicle is engaged. Next, you need to couple the trailer to your tractor. After this, don’t forget to check the trailer’s couple & safety chains twice to make sure that they’re attached securely to the towing vehicle. Please do not try to load the vehicle into a trailer that has not been couple to a tractor.

Loading the car:

  1. Remove the ramps from the storage position and secure them to the end of your car hauler.
  2. Drive the transported car behind the trailer. And its tires are aligned with the track. Please be careful not to allow anyone stand behind the trailer and the towing vehicle.
  3. Drive the car slowly onto the trailer.
  4. Make sure the car is in the center and engage the parking brake before leaving.
  5. Use straps, chains or other tensioning devices to secure the vehicle to the car hauler trailer.
  6. Remove the ramp and check whether the car is properly secured.
  7. Test drive nearby to ensure form safety.

During transportation:

You can’t just inspect it once. Every time you stop the car for a rest, you need to inspect the trailer to ensure safety. At each station, please check:

  • Connections between trailer and tractor
  • Whether the light is working normally
  • Whether the tire has the correct pressure
  • Adjust the strap and chain to ensure that the car can be safely fixed

In addition, during transportation, you also need to reserve more braking space than usual. And always keep wearing the seat belt.

light on car hauler trailer

Arrive at destination:

You also need to park the car on a firm road and then put the track. Remove the straps, chains and other fixing devices, and start the vehicle to be unloaded. Disengage the brake and slowly back down the ramps.

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