How to Choose the Correct Skeletal Trailer?

A Skeleton trailer is a kind of lightweight metal trailer, most commonly used for container transportation. It also capable of being used as a hook loader for loading a skip and a number of other specialist applications with the right attachments and supports.

Since its most widely used way is to transport the container, its size is also matched with the container. The most common are 20 feet and forty feet. If you have special needs, you can also contact us for customization.

skeleton trailer

So, when buying a skeleton semi-trailer, what size should I choose?

A 20 ft skeletal trailer can only carry one 20-inch container; a 40 ft skeletal trailer can carry one 40 ft container, or two 20 ft containers.

You can choose a skeleton trailer according to the needs of you or your customers.

Homeowner: 20 ft skeleton trailer

If you are a moving company, a 20 ft container is sufficient for everything. It can hold almost all furniture and other large household items.

Retail Store

Retail Store: 40 ft Skeleton Trailer

If your customer is a retail store, it is best to prepare a skeleton trailer that can load 40 ft containers, especially around Black Friday and Christmas shopping seasons. This allows them to have a more adequate supply of goods.

Construction company: 40 ft skeleton trailer

Construction companies use containers very frequently. If your client is a construction company, it is recommended that you choose a 40 ft skeleton trailer. According to our experience, the container sizes chosen by construction companies are usually half-and-half. In other words, they have a 50% probability of choosing a 20 ft container and a 50% probability of choosing a 40 ft container.

A 40 ft container is usually used for new construction; a 20 ft container is usually suitable for smaller jobs in smaller locations (such as house reconstruction).

Construction company

Therefore, if you mainly serve the customers of a construction company, it is recommended that you choose a 40 ft skeleton trailer, because it can transport both 20 ft containers and 40 ft containers.

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  1. Thank you for explaining how to measure a 5-lug trailer axle bolt pattern in your post. My husband is looking for a 7×14 dump trailer to help him dispose of something in his construction business. This equipment would benefit his business, and even secondhand equipment would be better to save money.

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