How to choose the best Flatbed semi-trailer

The use of the trailer for carrying goods is a pretty old system. In modern days we have a long list of trailers depending on the types of products they carry. A flatbed semi-trailer is a typical semi-trailer used for transporting arbitrary products. Flatbeds are open, thus loading and unloading can be done simultaneously. This is the reason for being a flatbed semi-trailer more efficient than other trailers. If you are looking for a trailer surely you want to carry a large number of materials within a distance. So, you need to transport construction materials, heavy machinery and you are looking for a trailer. A flatbed semi-trailer can be an ideal choice for you.

Flatbed semi-trailer transport goods that can be tied and strapped. This allows a wide range of cargo for the trailer. A flatbed semi-trailer has various uses, different manufacturing systems, and several types. We gradually discuss all the points. In the end, you will find the preferable flatbed semi-trailer for your transportation system.

flatbed trailer


A flatbed semi-trailer has versatile uses. Besides transporting and carrying this machine is used for moving. Therefore a flatbed semi-trailer is a huge carrier for moving your goods. Efficient loading and optimum strapping can ensure maximum space use of a flatbed trailer. This is an important factor to transport the highest amount products. The most common purpose of using flatbeds are as follows:

  1. Hauling construction and demolition equipment is one of the basic use of flatbeds. Heavy instruments like bulldozers, excavators are carried by a flatbed to transport to the construction sites.
  2. Flatbeds are often used for transporting building and construction materials. The most common products carried away by flatbeds are Piping, Rebar, Lumbar, Large concrete blocks, Steel frames, Scaffolding, Fence posts, and so on.
  3. They are used to move scrap materials and recyclable products. A flatbed’s body is designed to carry arbitrary materials. It can make room for bulk and versatile products. So you need not worry about fittings of scrap materials in a flatbed semi-trailer.
  4. Flatbed semi-trailers are used for transporting oil and gas rigs.
  5. They are used for moving landscape items (lawnmower, concrete) agricultural machinery (combined harvester, tractor, transplanting & reaping machinery) military gear and machines, and likely heavy materials.
flatbed trailer
flatbed trailer

Types of flatbed semi-trailer

Various types of semi-trailers exist. Based on manufacturing materials they can be:

1. Steel Flatbeds

Steel flatbeds are the heaviest among the others. It also costs lower. They are capable of moving the heaviest load.

2. Composite Flatbeds

Both steel and aluminum are used to manufacture composite flatbeds. They can carry a good amount of load. They are comparatively cost-efficient.

3. Aluminum Flatbeds

Aluminum flatbed semi-trailers are light in weight. It allows the trailer to carry more load. Aluminum plates cost high and can be damaged easily.

In addition to being classified according to material, flatbed semi-trailers can also be classified according to appearance and function. In addition to the standard tablet, it can be classified as a lowboy trailer, step deck trailer, and RNG trailer.

1. Lowboy Trailers

Lowboy trailers are used to carry goods that are higher than usual. The low bed in front of the rear axles is designed to transport taller instruments that would cross the height restriction if carried on a flatbed. Lowboy trailer has different categories. They can be fixed gooseneck, fixed-neck, hydraulic detachable gooseneck, mechanical folding gooseneck. Lowboy trailer has advantages over other trailers. They can carry almost 55,000 pounds. Lowboy trailer has versatile applications. With a low center of gravity, it remains stable.

Lowboy Trailer
2. Step Deck Trailers

The step deck trailer has a bottom and top deck. These types of trailers are used to carry products that are taller and will face height restriction with a flatbed. Step-deck is also known as drop deck.

3. Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN)

Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN) trailers are used to transport long and tall materials. The front section of an RGN trailer is detachable. This allows the RGN to be dropped on the ground and create a ramp. It can directly drive the load to the trailer.



Transporting is the main job for a flatbed. To make this operation easier is the prime target of a manufacturer. We try to find some distinct advantages of our flatbed semi-trailer.
  1. Loading and unloading materials into the trailer are easier. With flatbed semi-trailers on all open sides, you can load and unload your goods from any side according to your requirements.
  2. Your choice for flatbeds depends on the goods you need to transport. You can find it quite easier here. We have multiple sizes available to reach your requirements.
  3. Need to carry heavy materials? Don’t worry. A flatbed semi-trailer is a pristine machine designed and manufactured to carry heavy goods.
  4. Flatbed semi-trailers don’t require loading docks.
  5. A low center of gravity ensures stability and safety.
  6. You customize the machine according to your needs.


  1. Can be affected by weather factors.
  2. Can be affected by uneven roads.
  3. Technical skills are required for driving a flatbed semi-trailer.

In the end, we expect to find your flatbed semi-trailer to serve your purpose. We, the Three Horses Trailer are here to assist you. You can customize your trailer regarding your necessity. For example, if you need to move typical products which require a sidewall, side panel fencing can be done. Our quality flatbed semi-trailers are among the best in the world.

Production information

So, how this incredible machine is produced?

Different materials are used to manufacture flatbeds. Three Horses Trailer operates a special SH800 Steel for manufacturing flatbed semi-trailers. Molybdenum alloy and vanadium alloy ensure several parameters. The strength of the trailers is increased with powerful manufacturing materials. With the premium production process here toughness is introduced to a new level. Resistance against critical temperature impact is excellent.


Precision welding is presented for producing semi-trailers. With over 3000 welds and full welding, a stable construction is made. High-quality steel decreases the weight of flatbeds by around 150 kg. Less weight confirms overloading as well as more loading than other competitors in the market. The ideal size of a flatbed semi-trailer is likely 80 feet long, less than 10 feet tall, and 8.5 feet wide. The standard weight carrying capacity for a flatbed is 48,000 lbs. Again, the best flatbed semi-trailer for you depends mostly on the types of your products.

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  1. You made a valid point when you said that using trailers to transport products is an outdated practice. Though it’s interesting to know that there are many different trailers available nowadays depending on the goods they transport. I’ll tell my uncle about it because he wants to acquire a tilt equipment trailer for his company. These pointers would undoubtedly be very helpful to him.

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