How to Choose the Best Car Carrier Trailer?

Buying the best and most suitable car trailer isn’t easy for many people, too many types of car trailers are difficult to choose and investment on a car trailer is a large amount of money, so people have to make decisions cautiously. This article aims to help you quickly and better choose a suitable car trailer.

Number of cars

The first thing you should know before you buy a car trailer is the number of the cars you want to transport.

There are two types of car trailers according to the number of cars need to be transported.

Car hauler trailer: transporting one car

Car carrier trailer: transporting several cars

Cost: car carrier trailer > car hauler trailer

open car carrier trailer
open car trailer

Level of protection for cars

There are also two types of car trailers according to the level of protection for the cars.

Enclosed car trailer: transporting those expensive and precious cars, such as race cars, special edition cars, etc. On the one hand, enclosed trailers prevent any risk of damage to your car exterior from rain and other road debris. One the other hand, they can used for storage of the cars.

Open car trailer: transporting ordinary passenger cars which do not need very comprehensive protection.

Cost: enclosed car trailer > open car trailer

open car carrier trailer
Enclosed car traile
open car trailer

Weight of cars

Car trailers usually made of two materials: steel and aluminum. Aluminum trailer is lighter than steel trailer of same specification. If you want to transport many heavier cars, in order to avoid exceeding the limit of your state or country, you’d better choose an aluminum car trailer.

Cost: aluminum car trailer > steel car trailer


Based on the above cost of each point, you could already choose a car trailer that fits your budget. At the same time, according to the functions and specifications of different types of car trailers, you could choose the best and most suitable car trailer.

If you are interested in them or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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