How to Choose A Suitable Cement Trailer? (Ⅱ)

Last time, we mentioned that cement has became one of the most important materials in people’s life, so people have designed various cement trailers for efficient work, and we introduced bulk cement trailer and cement spreader trailer. Today let us introduce other two cement trailers: cement mixer trailer and cement pump trailer for you.

Cement Mixer Trailer

cement mixer(often colloquially called a concrete mixer ) is a device that homogeneously combines cementaggregate such as sand or gravel, and water to form cement, and transport the fresh cement to the construction site, giving the workers ample time to use the cement before it hardens.

cement mixer trailer

How to choose?

  1. In order to choose the right cement mixer for your job, you must first determine the volume of cement you will need. It is important to know that a tank can be filled to a maximum of 80%.
  2. In your selection criteria, you will also have to take into account the cement mixer’s frequency of use.
  • Occasional use(small worksites). If you need a cement mixer for a single worksite, a 60-liter tank might be sufficient. Favor an electric cement mixer for this purpose.
  • Frequent use(medium worksites). Here, the 120-liter cement mixer is generally sufficient. Depending on the size of the job, you can increase the volume to 160 or 190 liters. If you work on sites where access to electricity is guaranteed, favor an electric cement mixer.
  • Regular or intensive use(large worksites, professional worksites). If you need cement non-stop, every day, you will have to opt for a larger tank, at least 250 liters (to be calculated according to your needs). For this purpose, use a model with a combustion engine to avoid problems related to power supply.

Cement pump trailer

cement pump is a device used for transferring liquid cement by pumping from the containers to where it needs to be filled at the construction site conveniently and efficiently.

There was a time in history when cranes were extensively used to lift large buckets full of cement up to where it was needed at the large construction sites. The major challenge was that the cranes were able to lift only one bucket at a time. So, the need was felt for a machine which pumped cement effectively. Thus, came into existence cement pumps.


cement pump trailer
cement pump trailer

How to choose?

Mainly there are two types of cement pumps. They are advisable for different usages in the construction industry.

  • Group Line Pump Trailer

A ground line pump remains on the ground and allows the cement mix to be pumped efficient and quick from the mixer.

These pumps are narrow enabling them to location inaccessible by the mixing trucks. This includes the gaps between residences and alleys. In short, the mixer truck can remain in the parking. And the pump can be workable from the back of the domicile.

  • Boom Pump Trailer

The boom pump has similar work and purpose as a ground line pump. However, these are developed for worksite with lesser access.

In fact, the equipment can reach up and over buildings. Hence, these are the perfect pumping solutions for high-end construction sites. This includes higher floors of high-rise buildings or terraced houses to develop a garden and much more.

We have already introduced 4 cement trailers. In summary, bulk cement trailer can help you transport dry cement fast; cement spreader trailer can help you apply dry cement effectively with minimal dust; cement mixer can combine cement, aggregate and save time for workers’s use before liquid cement hardens; cement pump can transfer the liquid cement over long distance or taller obstacles.

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