How to Choose A Suitable Cement Trailer? (Ⅰ)

Cement has became one of the most important materials in people’s lives, so people have designed a variety of cement trailers to work more conveniently. There are four commonly used cement trailers: bulk cement trailer, cement spreader trailer, cement pump trailer, cement mixer trailer. Today I will introduce bulk cement trailer, cement spreader trailer for you.

Bulk Cement trailer

Cement spreader trailer

Usage: dry bulk trailers are used to transport dry materials.

Application: construction industry: cement, ash, sand, lime; food industry: sugar, grain, flour, starch; chemical industry: all kinds of solid particles.

Advantage: dry bulk trailers are vacuum-sealed, so these trailers provide the highest level of safety for dry materials. No matter what materials are transported by dry bulk trailers, they will be protected from the external environment (not affected by any weather conditions).

Usage: cement spreader trailers are designed for dust free loading and rapid, accurate spreading of low to high volumes of cementitious and pozzolanic materials such as cement, flyash, and quicklime.

Application: used for soil stabilization, soil remediation, cold-in-place recycling, full depth reclamation, and similar construction processes.

Advantage: cement spreader trailers revolutionized the above industries as construction companies were finally able to apply large quantities of lime, cement, fly ash, quicklime and similar materials accurately and with minimal dust.

bulk cement trailer
cement spreader trailer

Collaborative work

In road construction, soil cement is one of the materials widely used at present for roadbeds or in some cases for the road surface itself. One of the processes is the dry cement was spread evenly along the roadbed, and the most important is not produce a cloud of cement dust in the cement spreading operation, because large of dust will contribute to the general pollution of the atmosphere and result in defoliation of trees and shrubs, cement spreader trailers are used for this work.

At the same time, most of cement spreader trailers don’t have large capacity, so bulk cement trailers can be used for provide dry cement for cement spreader trailers by working together.

bulk cement trailer

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