How to Choose a Car Stacker?

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In the previous article we discussed why to choose a car stacker, in this article we will describe how to choose the right car stacker for you.

Two-Post Parking Stacker

As the name implies, a 2-post double car lift typically uses two columns as stops to lift vehicles. one of the major benefits of a 2-post parking elevator is its size. Compared to four-post car lifts, this type of double car lift requires less space because they usually have a shared column design. It can easily be installed in stores with limited space and small garages. Another advantage is also the design. Because the elevator is set with two columns at the rear, it leaves an open front. It is very friendly for users who access vehicles.

car lift

4-Post Parking Stacker for 3 Cars and 4 Cars

The 4-post lift features a four-post support structure. This car stacker allows drivers to easily load and position heavy vehicles. In addition, with the four-column design, it is safer and more secure to store cars on multiple levels instead of two, compared to a 2-column parking elevator. In addition, the runway of this car lift allows you to drive onto the lift with ease. Therefore, this car lift is popular in different public places.

The 4-post 2-car lift can be moved; on the other hand, the 2-post car lift must be fixed to the ground to ensure the safety and stability of the lift.

3 car lifts and 4 car lifts are multi-stage car stackers designed to provide three or four levels of vehicle storage systems. These types of lifts can greatly improve space utilization. In addition, four-post three-stage lifts are more stable and safer in long-term use compared to two-post three-stage lifts. On the other hand, the average lifting time of this multi-stack parking system is 55 seconds. However, the parking width and height are 1600mm to 2100mm respectively.

Pit-Type Parking Stacker / Underground Parking Stacker

In contrast to traditional stacker parking lifts, pit parking lifts are designed to store vehicles below ground level. They can be considered as semi-automated systems as users are free to park and retrieve their vehicles without moving other people. These lifts also use hydraulic systems or high-powered electric motors. Usually, these types of stacker parking lifts use two or four columns to carry the load. This type of elevator is widely popular in individual homes and residential parking lots.

Drive Type: Hydraulic vs. Motorized

Most parking stackers use hydraulic drive rather than motor drive for eight reasons, including the following.

  1. Car lifts can have greater load carrying capacity with a hydraulic system.

Hydraulic drives use the pressure of hydraulic fluid to transmit force. The pump can obtain high pressure.

  1. Considerable power-to-weight ratio.

Power-to-weight ratio is the ratio of output power to its weight. For example, the importance of a hydraulic pump on an aircraft is only 0.209kg/KW power, while the weight of the motor will be 2kg/KW. Since the power pack is usually mounted on a lift, it needs to be as light as possible.

  1. Easy to do reciprocating motion.

The car stacker can only move vertically. The hydraulic drive is designed to do reciprocating motion, and the motor must be converted from rotary motion to linear reciprocating motion by gears, chains, and rack and pinion.

  1. Hydraulic motion is smoother.

The speed of movement of the lift can be very gentle because the hydraulic oil can be evenly controlled at a minimum flow rate.

  1. Easy to prevent overload.

Pressure valves in the hydraulic drive can be used to control system pressure and prevent overloads and accidents. Pressure gauges can also be installed in the system to monitor load levels and operating conditions.

  1. Automatic lubrication of components for long service life.

The hydraulic oil produces a lubricating effect on the hydraulic components. This gives the parts self-lubricating properties and extends their service life.

  1. Ambient temperature affects the performance of the parking system.

Due to the nature of the oil, the ambient temperature should not be too high or too low. For motor types, users need not worry.

  1. The motor type is generally quieter than the hydraulic pump. If the environment is very sensitive to noise, then motor drive should be considered.

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