How to Choose a Best Car Trailer?

Whether you’re getting ready to pull your car behind your RV, or you need to transport your vintage car to another state, you’ll need a car trailer to assist you. This is not an uncommon demand, so there are many types of car trailers on the market. This is both a good and a bad thing for consumers. The upside is that you have more types to choose from, the downside is that it can get you into trouble. But don’t worry, Three Horses Trailer will take care of that for you, helping you choose which car trailer is best for you.

basic car trailer

Car trailers can usually be divided into two types, flatbed haulers and two-wheel tow dollies. A flatbed hauler tends to cost more than a dolly, but it has many benefits.

The flatbed hauler can put the whole car on the flatbed, and there is no problem with wear and tear. This keeps the car in the best possible condition. And when the vehicle is a precious classic car or racing car, you can choose a cover car trailer, which not only ensures that the vehicle is not worn but also protects the vehicle from the weather.

A two-wheeled tow dolly will lift the front half of the car and roll the rear wheels on land. This does cause some wear to the tires, but the advantage of it is that it is affordable and usable.

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How to Choose the Best Car Trailer?

Before choosing to buy a car trailer, you can ask yourself the following important questions.

1. What Will You Be Using the car trailer for?

This may be an obvious question, but it’s really the most important factor you need to consider when buying a car trailer. Because this will affect the dimensions of the trailer and if you need some customization options. For example, if you are only carrying heavy loads, such as a car, motorcycle, or riding lawn mower, then an open car trailer would be a good choice.

But if you need an upgraded car trailer to ensure the safety of the car being transported, then a cover car trailer would be a good choice. Not only will this vehicle give you extra protection, but it can also hold your car parts or polish.

2. How far will you Be Traveling?

When you buy a car trailer, you need to consider how far you plan to travel with it. If it’s just for local business, driving around town, etc., you may opt for the standard car trailer. But if you need to take it on a long trip, you’ll need an upgraded car trailer, perhaps including a spare tire and spare LED taillights.

3. What Kind of Cargo Are You Hauling?

Car trailers can not only be used to transport vehicles but also for other goods, such as tools or shelves, cabinets, etc. Even if you want to transport temperature-sensitive items like audio equipment or musical instruments, you can choose a trailer with vents and air conditioning. This will help you control the temperature inside the trailer and prevent freezing or breakage during transport.

4. Are You Using Your Car Hauler as A Marketing Piece?

If you need it, it is a good choice to draw the company logo, phone number, and website on the outside of the car trailer. In this way, your car trailer will not only be an effective tool for moving resources but also improve your company’s local visibility.

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