How to Attach Bike Trailer?

Bike trailers are one of the ways to travel with children, to get some exercise, and contribute to protecting the environment. Bicycles are actually divided into many types, including road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid straight-line bikes, etc. The industry is changing so fast that it can be difficult for bike trailer manufacturers to keep up with the ever-changing updates. This makes it difficult to link the bike to the trailer. How to attach a bike trailer?

Decide where to attach the trailer

Usually, a trailer can be attached to the following two places:

  1. Attach at the seat post of the bicycle
  2. Attach at the axle of the rear tire

You can quickly identify where it should be attached by the shape and angle of the arms protruding off the front of the trailer.

  • If the protruding bike trailer arm slopes upward in a curved fashion, it needs to be mounted on the seat post of the bicycle.
  • If the protruding arm extends forward almost horizontally, it should be mounted on the axle of the trailer.
attach to the seat post
Attach to seat post
Attach to Axle
Attach to Axle

Attach to Seat post:

This way of linking is very simple, the only trouble might be that you are missing a part or the part is the wrong size. The installation method is usually as follows:

1. Attach the receiver to the seat post

The receiver is the part that will stay on the bike post, this part is ready to hang the bike trailer. The trailer should come with small circular plastics that, although they may vary in size, will fit the receiver.

Once the receiver is attached tightly on the seat post, you can tighten the seat on and adjust it to a suitable ride height.

2. Connect the receiver to the trailer hitch

Install the trailer hitch into the receiver and you will notice holes on both the hitch and receiver. It could be on the sides or the bottom. You need to line up the holes so that they form a clear line of sight.

The holes are there for the quick release pin and it goes all the way through the hole. And at the end of the quick release pin, there is a hole running perpendicular to the pin, this is to prevent clipping and prevent the pin from vibrating or shaking due to bumpy terrain.

3. Test drive

Before you start a long ride, you need to take a test drive to avoid danger in the process of riding.

Tips: Some models come with a safety strap; the purpose is to prevent the trailer from disconnecting from the bike when the hinges come off. Don’t worry if your trailer doesn’t have this feature, you can attach a length of chain or rope to the trailer’s arms and wrap the chain around the seat post.

Attach to Axle:

This attach method may be a little troublesome to operate, but it will be safer for the cyclist. Because linking to the axle is easier to ride than linking to the saddle.

1. Remove the rear axle

You will need to use a wrench to loosen the rear wheel from the frame. Don’t worry, it’s easy, you just keep loosening the nut until it comes off the axle, then you can pull the axle out of the tire.

Now, take the washer and receiver and slide the axle through both pieces. If you find that both parts are already on the axle, you can insert the axle back through the wheel and screw the wheel onto the frame.

2. Connect the receiver to the hook

This step is very similar to attaching to the seat post. Match the receiver to the holes in the trailer hitch so that the pins can lock the hinge and receiver together.

Insert the pins into the holes, then insert the clip through the pin.

Remember: Do not ride without a pin, it is very dangerous for you, children or pets!

Connect the receiver to the hook
3. Test drive

You need to make sure that everything is connected properly before long rides. And, you and your child need to do some safety precautions: you both need to wear helmets. And before you go, you also need to check that your child is wearing a seat belt in the bike trailer!

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