How Much Weight Can a 48 ft Trailer Carry?

A 48-foot trailer is usually referred to as a flatbed semi-trailer. There are also van trailers that are 48 feet in size, but most van semi-trailers are 53 feet. Typically, a flatbed semi-trailer can carry 48,000 pounds of cargo and should not exceed 80,000 pounds in total weight.

How many pallets fit in a 48 ft trailer?

Pallets are often used on van trailers because they hold the cargo better and ensure that it does not fall apart during transport. A standard pallet size is 48″ x 40″, so a 48′ trailer can usually hold 24 pallets. If the top and bottom rows are stacked, then a total of 48 pallets can be loaded.

trailer with pallets

How much does a 48-foot flatbed trailer weigh?

It really depends on the material of the trailer. Aluminum semi-trailers are lighter and steel ones are heavier. In addition to the material of the body of the trailer, the weight is also affected by the flooring material. Some use metal materials, while others use wooden floors. In addition to that, the type of trailer also affects the weight. Generally, a van trailer weighs more than a flatbed trailer.

A steel 48-foot flatbed semi-trailer usually weighs around 12,000 pounds. An aluminum 48-foot flatbed trailer typically weighs around 9,200 pounds. A 48-foot van trailer usually weighs around 14,000 pounds.

aluminum flatbed trailer

How to make a semi-trailer carry more weight?

The weight of a semi-trailer transferring cargo usually depends on the number of axles. The more the axles are, the heavier weight of the load the semi-trailer can carry. Typically, each axle should not unload more than 20,000 pounds of cargo.

While the number of axles can increase the upper limit of the load capacity of a semi-trailer, the total weight should not exceed 80,000 pounds. Or a special permit is required to get on the road.

flatbed semi-trailer with cargo

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