How Much Does a Container Chassis Trailer Cost?

Container chassis trailers are designed to accommodate a variety of container types, and they can easily carry any load and maneuver. Before getting to the price, let’s first understand the basics of container chassis.

What is a container chassis trailer?

Container chassis trailers are commonly found in docks, warehouses, and ports. It ships containers to and from them. The chassis trailer consists of a steel frame with tires and axle systems and also includes suspension, brakes, and lighting.

With the development of technology, some trailers are also equipped with ABS, LED lights, a GPS tracking system, and other functions. They make shipping simple and efficient.

Container chassis trailers usually come in two sizes: 20 feet and 40 feet, which are based on standard ISO containers. For some lighter containers, a two-axle chassis trailer is enough. But for 20-foot containers over 36,000 pounds, and 40-foot containers over 44,000 pounds, a three-axle chassis trailer is required.

Why do you need a chassis trailer?

Chassis trailers increase the speed and efficiency of transportation. As a semi-trailer, it can be easily separated from the truck and accommodate different types of containers. It has the following advantages:

  1. Smooth and safe transportation: The container will be fixed on the chassis and locked with a container lock. This prevents unnecessary container maneuvers and ensures safer transport.
  2. Fast, economical and offers timely delivery: For a 40-foot chassis trailer, it can transport two 20-foot containers at the same time. These fasten delivery and avoid the risk of additional costs due to late deliveries.
  3. Improve customer satisfaction: Your customers will obviously be happy when you can transport containers so quickly, efficiently, and safely. This boosts his trust in your company and the overall customer experience.

How much does a container chassis trailer cost?

Container chassis trailers have different prices depending on the function.

Basic skeleton trailer:

This is the model most commonly used by customers. It doesn’t have any extras and is usually made of steel. It can transport 20ft, 40ft, or 45ft containers. And twelve sets of container locks are installed on the chassis to facilitate the fixing of containers of different sizes and ensure the safety of the goods before they arrive at the destination.

This type of container chassis trailer typically costs between $8,000 – $10,000.

Tipper chassis trailer:

The difference between it and the basic model is that the tipper chassis trailer is equipped with hydraulic lifting cylinders. The cylinder can be extended and retracted longitudinally for easy loading and can also be extended outwards to enhance the unloading process. This enables the container to be loaded and unloaded autonomously without external equipment, which is more convenient.

Because of the hydraulic cylinders, the price is about a thousand dollars more than a basic skeleton trailer, which is usually between $9,000 – $11,000.

Basic skeleton trailer
Tipper Chassis Trailer
Tipper chassis trailer

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