How Much Do Pop-Up Campers Weigh? How to Choose?

When you are buying a pop-up camper, what are the first factors to consider? Its price? It’s exterior? Its internal structure? In fact, the first you should consider is the weight of the pop-up camper.

Why? Because it is a trailer, it needs traction to move. Before buying, you must ensure that your car or SUV can tow it.

Tent trailer

Terms about weight

When buying a trailer, you may see a lot of parameters, but what do these parameters represent? Which parameters need to be paid attention to by us?

  • UVW (Unloaded Vehicle Weight): This is the weight of the trailer manufactured by the factory. It includes full engine and generator fuel tanks and fluids.
  • GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating): This is the largest distribution of medium grain (including all cargo) that the axle can support.
  • GVRW (Gross Vehicle Weight Ratio): This refers to the maximum weight that the vehicle can bear. If this limit is exceeded, it will have a negative impact on the trailer. We need to ensure that the towing force of the tractor is greater than the GVRW of the trailer.
  • CCC (Cargo Carrying Capacity): This will specify the weight of fresh water, cargo, accessories, and optional equipment.

Types of pop-up campers:

Pop-up campers are one of the lightest camper trailers, and the average weight is usually between 600 and 2,800 pounds. According to the weight, it can be divided into three types: mini or small size, medium size, and large size.

Mini or small size pop-up camper:

  • Weight: 500-1000 pounds
  • Tractor: Car
  • Applicable situation: Weekend excursions

Mini or small-sized pop-up campers are very lightweight, can be towed by a car, and are very easy to maneuver. But light weight also means small space, whether it is storage space or sleeping area is very compact. Usually, small pop-up campers only include folding chairs and a table. Some will also have a small two-burner stove for cooking.

For those who want to go fishing or hiking on the weekend, this is undoubtedly a perfect choice.

Medium-size pop-up camper:

  • Weight: 1000-2500 pounds
  • Tractor: small SUV or pickup, the traction force is about 40% higher than GVWR
  • Applicable situation: long-distance travel, more than a week

Medium-sized pop-up campers have more space, whether the kitchen, bedroom, or storage space. It usually includes two sleeping areas, a dining table and chairs, and a kitchenette. Some manufacturers will also be air-conditioned as an upgrade option. Even a family of four can live in a mid-sized pop-up camper comfortably for more than a week.

Large-size pop-up camper:

  • Weight: 2500 pounds or more
  • Tractor: SUV or pickup, the traction force is about 40% higher than GVWR weight
  • Applicable situation: long-distance travel for large families

The large pop-up boxes can be as long as 17 feet or more, about 30 feet after deployment. A larger size means more convenient facilities. Campers will have a large sleeping area. In addition to the two beds in the sleeping area, some trailers will also have two temporary beds. The kitchen usually has tap water, a refrigerator, a gas stove, and an oven.

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