How Much Cargo Can Fit in a 40-Foot Container?

In the world of logistics and transportation, the 40-foot container is a common size. Pallets, on the other hand, are common transport equipment, and for those who are new to cargo transportation, a common question might be: How many pallets can fit into a 40-foot container?

This is an important question as it helps people determine how many containers they need. The answer to this question typically varies based on the size and type of pallets you are using.

  • If you are using standard US pallets, which are either 40″ × 48″ or 48″ × 48″ in size, a 40-foot container can accommodate 20 to 24 pallets.
  • However, if you are using smaller European pallets, measuring 120cm × 80cm or 120cm × 100cm, a 40-foot container can hold up to 25 pallets.
The interior dimensions of a standard 40-foot container are approximate:
  • Length: 39 feet, 6 inches (12.03 meters)
  • Width: 7 feet, 8 inches (2.35 meters)
  • Height: 7 feet, 10 inches (2.39 meters)
pallets in container

If you’re curious about how many pallets can fit in a 53-foot dry van trailer, you can read this article:

It’s important to note that not every 40-foot container can accommodate exactly 20 or 40 pallets. You also need to consider the following factors:

  1. Weight of the Cargo: The total weight of the cargo must not exceed the maximum payload capacity of the trailer or container.
  2. Loading Method: Loading methods can typically be categorized as upright, flatbed, or double-stack. The double-stack layout is the most space-efficient, but it requires more complex handling and may not be suitable for all types of goods. For more information on loading methods, you can refer to the article mentioned above.

Tips for Efficient Loading

Efficiently packing a 40-foot container to maximize cargo transport requires careful planning and execution. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Plan Your Loading Configuration in Advance: Determine the optimal arrangement based on the type and dimensions of the cargo you’ll be transporting to save space. You can also stack palletized goods, but ensure that the total weight doesn’t exceed the container and trailer’s maximum load capacity and that the height doesn’t exceed the container’s height.
  • Use the Right-Sized Pallets: Pallets come in various sizes, and selecting the right size can impact the number of pallets a container can hold.
  • Use the Right Loading Equipment: Typically, using a forklift can expedite the loading process and make it more efficient.
  • Secure the Cargo Properly: After pallets are loaded into the container, securing them properly is crucial to prevent cargo from shifting during transportation and causing damage.
container loading

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