How Long Is a Dry Bulk Trailer?

Bulk tank trailers are typically used to transport powders such as cement, flour, chemical powders, etc., and can reduce the cost of loading and unloading products. The size of these products is usually <0.1mm. Since the powder is not like other goods, it is more volume-oriented rather than length oriented.
So bulk tankers do not have standard lengths like flatbed trailers or dry van trailers. However, regardless of the application, dry bulk trailers usually have a GVWR greater than 33,001 lbs and are class 8 heavy trucks.

Dry Bulk Trailer

Dry bulk trailers are usually between 38 feet – 48 feet in length and usually do not reach 53 feet like dry van trailers. Because too long trailers are not conducive to driving, there may be some problems when entering the plant.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a dry bulk trailer or tank trailer is that it is not the bigger the better. You should choose a tank trailer that fits the size of your product.
For example, if you want to transport milk in a tank trailer, then it will be enough to accommodate the city’s usage for one day or the factory’s production for one day. If it is less than this capacity, then you will need to transport it twice a day, which may delay the sale of milk. If it is larger than this capacity, then the remaining space will be wasted. Why not change to a smaller capacity? This will also save money.

Chemical Tanker Trailer

Another reason why dry van trailers focus on capacity rather than length is that there is a lot of air space in them. For example, the length of the tank section of a tank trailer maybe 25 feet to 30 feet, but the length of the trailer may be up to 45 feet.

If you are interested in purchasing a tanker trailer or dry bulk trailer, or just have questions about your tanker trailer options, then Three Horses Trailer is the best resource for you. You can always contact us and we will help you make your choice.

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