Horses Trailer Types – Quick Guide (Ⅰ)

Both experienced riders and inexperienced riders face the same problem: how to transport their horses safely and comfortably. If you are buying a horse trailer for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry, you will quickly learn about horse trailers through this article.

First, according to the different linking methods, horse trailers can be divided into bumper pull horse trailers and gooseneck horse trailers. Depending on how the horse is loaded, it can also be divided into straight load trailers and slant load trailers.

Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

Trucks or SUVs can be used as tractors for bumper horse trailers. Bumper pull or tag along trailers attach to your truck via a hitch affixed to your truck’s frame, that comes underneath the rear bumper. It can usually carry 1 or 2 horses. Although the maximum number of horses that can be carried is 4, it is generally not recommended. Because too many horses will put pressure on the tractor.

  • Easy to drive
  • The trailer body is lighter
  • Smaller, suitable for people with limited storage space
  • Simple connection
  • Sensitive to wind or horse movement, easy to shake
  • Limited internal space. Storage space for dressing or tack rooms is limited or non-existent.
  • Can’t accommodate larger horses
  • Lack of stability

Gooseneck Horse Trailers

This trailer is much heavier than a bumper pull horse trailer, and you need to use a larger tractor, a normal truck or SUV can’t do this. It usually has more space and can even be used as a temporary camper. This is a great option for people who often travel with horses, as gooseneck horse trailers usually contain living areas.

  • Larger internal space
  • Stable, unaffected by wind or horse movement
  • Easier to handle, especially when reversing
  • Need bigger tractor
  • When hitch or unhitch the trailer, you need to climb into the bed of the truck to reach it.
  • Not easy to store

1 thought on “Horses Trailer Types – Quick Guide (Ⅰ)”

  1. I’m glad you said that horse trailers may be broken down into bumper pull and gooseneck varieties based on the various connection techniques. It’s also good that you said that it may also be separated into straight-load trailers and slant-load trailers based on how the horse is loaded. My brother just bought her wife a horse so he’s also planning to buy a trailer where they can transport it when they want to bring it for a ride at their farm.

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