Guidelines of Side Dump Trailers.

There are several types of dump trailers: end dump trailers, side sump trailers, and belly dump trailers. All of them have unique advantages and can apply their capabilities to a wide range of tasks. Let’s talk about the side dump trailers first.

What are side dump trailers?

Side dump trailers dump load to one side or two sides. They have better security than end dump trailers because they have lower center of gravity.

side dump trailer

What are side dump trailers used for?

Side dump trailers are popular trailers because they can dump a wide variety of cargo with a faster dump cycle for increased efficiency. So they are extensively applicated in construction industry and agriculture industry, besides, they are also excellent in hauling liquids materials, in that they have a water-tight tub that won’t leak like end dump or belly trailers.

How to dump a side dump trailer?

Setting the tub to dump curb side or roadside.

Before dumping the tub, confirm which side you want to dump.

Operation for right-hand dumping.

The following steps must be performed on the front and the rear pivots. Also, make sure the latches on both ends of the tub are locked in the same direction.

  • Step one: Pull latch out to release pivot lock handle.
  • Step two: Pull bolt handle towards pivot pin to lock the tub in the left-hand (roadside) dump position. Push bolt handle away from pivot pin to lock tub in the right-hand (curb side) dump position. Return latch to the locked position.
operation of side dump trailer

First time hookup charging cylinders.

  • Before charging system, clear the area around the trailer.
  • Tilt tub part way several times to fill hydraulic cylinders before extending cylinders completely. Extend and retract cylinders completely.

Filling trailer.

  • Before filling and dumping trailer, clear the area where the load is to be placed around the trailer.
  • Keep away from the trailer during filling.

Dumping trailer.

  • Keep away from the trailer during dumping
  • The operator must remain at controls during dumping; do not stop cylinder extension in the middle of cycle; dump load on stable ground.

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