Guidelines for Using Dry Bulk Trailers

As one of the main truck trailers, people’s demand for dry bulk trailers is getting higher and higher. This is because dry bulk trailers have a very wide range of applications.

dry bulk trailer

1. What are the dry bulk trailers used to transport?

Perhaps some people do not know what dry bulk trailers are used to transport. In fact, dry bulk trailers are used to transport dry materials, including:

  • Construction industry: cement, ash, sand, lime;
  • Food industry: sugar, grain, flour, starch;
  • Chemical industry: all kinds of solid particles.

2. What are the advantages of dry bulk trailers?

  • The reason why dry bulk trailers are superior to other trailers is that they are easy to load and unload.
  • In addition, dry bulk trailers are vacuum-sealed, so these trailers provide the highest level of safety for dry materials. No matter what materials are transported by dry bulk trailers, they will be protected from the external environment (not affected by any weather conditions).
dry bulk trailer

3. What is the working principle of dry bulk trailers?

The working principle of dry bulk trailers is based on the principle of fluidization principle.

When the mixture of gas and dry materials reaches a certain proportion, the dry materials will have some liquid properties hence attaining fluidity. Then they will be discharged out of the trailer like liquid, which greatly reduces the cost of unloading them.

4. How to load and unload dry bulk trailers?

(1) Step-by-step loading process

  • Make sure that the air after the last use has been exhausted.
  • Open the upper cover, place the filter, load dry materials with a diameter of not more than 0.1mm into the trailer, then close the cover.

(2) Step-by-step unloading process

  • Turn on the power and let air pass through an air compressor or blower, then enter the trailer from the pipe to fluidize the dry materials.
  • Turn on the pressure gauge, observe the pressure gauge, turn off the power when the pressure rises to 0.2Mpa, and prepare to unload the dry materials.
  • Connect the discharge pipe and open the butterfly valve to discharge.
  • Check whether there is residual material, and open the exhaust valve to exhaust the gas.

5. What need to pay attention to when using dry bulk trailers?

  • Clean before or after using the dry bulk trailers.

If you have transported the black material before transporting the white material and did not clean the trailer, the customer may abandon the product if they find that there are other colors of the product, which will cause a very large loss to you and the customer.

  • Control the switch of each valve.

For example, before or after the dry bulk trailer is used, open the exhaust valve to exhaust gas to prepare for the next use of the trailer, and close the exhaust valve during transportation to avoid loss of dry materials.

If you are interested in it or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide full support for you.

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