Guidelines for Starting a Dump Trailer Business(III)

In the previous articles, we choose a suitable dump trailer and know the preparation work, now it’s time to start the transportation business.

First, post your transportation business information to all places that have transportation needs, including rentals, shipping sites, companies, and retailers. Following are the businesses that are suitable for your dump trailer.

  • Home Builders / Construction Workers / General Contractors

In the construction industry, dump trailer is a good transportation tool, it can transport rock, brick, block, pavers, pvc materials, sand, dirt, concrete blocks (CMU), cement mix, steel, trusses, etc.

  • Tree Farms or Nurseries

You can also work with nurseries to transport trees and nursery goods for them, etc.

  • Landscape Materials

Landscape companies are also in high demand for tipper trailers that can be used to transport rocks, bricks, turf, sand, mulch, pavers, cement blocks, and even clear debris.

  • Farm, Feed & Tack Supply Stores

Agriculture, feed and sticky supply stores like IFA, CAL Ranch provide their customers with a wide variety of materials. Hay, straw, wood pellets, super sacks of fertilizer, etc. are all in high demand, and dump trailers can efficiently transport these goods.

construction dump trailer
tree dump trailer
tree dump trailer

Finally, when your business is already going well, you might consider repeating your success by increasing another dump trailer, hiring a driver or finding your friends and family to work with you.

The complete process of starting a dump trailer business is finished, hope it is helpful. If you have any questions, please comment below or contact us. 

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