Guidelines for Starting a Dump Trailer Business(I)

Starting any new business is not easy, including the transportation business of course, but as long as you study the knowledge of this business completely before starting, you will definitely be successful. If you want to start a dump trailer business from scratch, this article will help you a lot. 

It is mainly about how to start a dump trailer transportation business, we divide it into three parts: the first step is to choose a suitable dump trailer, the second step is getting ready to start a transportation business, and the third step is starting your business.

dump trailer

How to choose a suitable dump trailer?

Having a suitable dump trailer doesn’t mean you have to buy one yourself. If you have limited budgets or are only doing short-term transportation business, renting a dump trailer may be a good option. Instead, you can buy a dump trailer (new or used), and buying your own will definitely save you a lot of time.

There are several aspects to consider when choosing a dump trailer:
  • Load Weight

Think about the maximum cargo load you are likely to need or haul,  such as gravel or other building materials. Most importantly, you should also consider what the maximum towing capacity of your tractor is, otherwise you will have to replace your tractor or trailer.

  • Material of Trailer

There are usually two options: aluminum and steel trailers. Steel trailers are stronger and cheaper, while aluminum trailers are lighter and corrosion-resistant and less prone to rusting, but are also more expensive (same load weight, lighter trailers can transport heavier loads). You just need to choose according to your actual needs.

  • Size

Think about the maximum size of the cargo you want to transport before choosing the size of the trailer, usually a 14′ dump trailer is the most popular size. You can also choose dump trailers up to 30′ long.

  • Lift Mechanism

You also need to consider the lift mechanism, whether it can hold enough weight, and whether maintenance is easy.

In the Guidelines for Starting a Dump Trailer Business (II), we will introduce the preparation work before starting the transportation business. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

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