Guide for Buying Dump Trailer

Do you need to buy a dump trailer for your personal or business use? You may have realized that there are many types of dump trailers, and you have so many options. So, what are the criteria for buying dump trailers? Here are some useful tips that may eliminate your question about buying dump trailers.

Start from your needs

Before talking to the helpful team at Three Horses Trailer, you should understand the purpose of your dump trailer. Will it be used in the construction industry to transport gravel and stone; or will it be used in mining to transport coal?

Dump trailers are very versatile, and can even be said to be essential equipment for various companies. Buying your own dump trailer is more economical than renting frequently.

dump trailer with stones
dump trailer unloading sand
dump trailer in mine

Consider the size

There is not only one specification for dump trailers, and in addition to the standard, many trailer manufacturers also support customized services, such as Three Horses Trailer. This means that you can decide the length and width of your dump trailer.

The width of dump trailers is usually the same, but if your trailer will be used on narrow roads, the standard width may cause it to get stuck. Therefore, you need to know its use environment. If the road is too narrow, explain in advance to the manufacture is a good choice, which can avoid unnecessary losses.

Consider the type

Dump trailers can be roughly divided into two categories: end dump trailers and side tipper trailers.

End dump trailer has a faster unloading speed, which is suitable for transporting sand, stone, ore, or scrap iron. Moreover, there is usually no residue after unloading.

The side tipper trailer is designed to drop sideways, mainly due to space-saving, because you may need to unload cargo in areas where there is insufficient space. And due to the characteristics of side unload, its carrying capacity will be greater than the end up dump trailer. Because end dump trailer is improperly operated, it may overturn and cause the trailer to be scrapped.

End dump trailer
How Much Can a Dump Semi-Trailer Carry
Side tipper trailer

Consider weight

This is an important thing, you need to consider the towing capacity of your tractor. No one want to buy a dump trailer that can’t safely work with the truck. In addition, you also need to learn about the local regulations, whether they have made regulations on the rated load of dump trailers.

Consider the material

Dump trailers are usually made of aluminum, steel, or galvanized steel. They each have their own advantages.

  • In terms of price, steel and galvanized steel are better choices because they are cheaper.
  • In terms of weight, the aluminum trailer is a better choice because it is the lightest.
  • In terms of durability, aluminum trailers and galvanized steel trailers are not easy to be corroded and do not require excessive maintenance, so they are better choices.

Obviously, you need to think carefully before buying a dump trailer. Three Horses Trailer can help you narrow down the choice and recommend a suitable dump trailer for you. You can contact us now or visit our website to learn more about custom dump trailers.

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  1. Thanks so much for explaining the different types of dump trailers. My cousin works for a construction company and needs a dump trailer for their next project. They’ve been looking into renting one because they don’t need to buy one for their small business.

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