Frame and Frameless Dump Trailers

When you buy a dump trailer, you may sometimes see the following two types: framed dump trailer and frameless dump trailer. This may cause you confusion, what is the difference between them?


The difference between the two is more obvious from the pictures. The frame dump trailer has a large beam that runs along the bottom of the trailer to support it. The frameless dump trailer has no frame under the trailer but has ribs that go around the body for support and the top rail of the trailer serves as a suspension bridge for support.

frame and frameless trailer


The difference in structure also brings with it a difference in weight. Frame dump trailers are heavier. For the same length, a frame dump trailer weighs around 5t more than a frameless dump trailer. This also means that a frameless dump trailer can transport 5t more cargo, bringing more pay.


A frame dump trailer will be more stable than a frameless dump trailer when dumping on an uneven surface. However, if the dumping site is on a flat road, there is no difference between the two.

frame dump trailer
frameless dump trailer

How to avoid rollover of dump trailers?

If you want to use a frameless dump trailer to unload goods on uneven terrain, you can do so, but you need the stability of the trailer to avoid rollover.

Before doing so, it is useful to understand the causes of trailer rollovers.

  • Roads are uneven
  • Inconsistent outflow when cargo is unloaded. A large amount of material was left on top of the trailer
  • Load shift occurs during dumping

Therefore, before removing the load, please note the following:

  • Ensure that there is sufficient space around the tipper trailer and that it is not parked directly next to another vehicle
  • Observe that the truck is parked on a flat surface and that all wheels are firmly on their bases
  • The tailgate is unlocked
  • When you experience poor traffic, try to lighten the top load
  • Use scientifically designed box liners that improve material flow, such as Three Horses Trailer’s dump trailers

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