Dump Trailer vs Dump Truck, Which One Is Better for me?

Dump trucks and dump trailers are similar, there is no argument about which one is better, only which one is more suitable for your business. Before that, you can learn the characteristics of a dump trailer and dump truck, and then combine them with your own needs to make a choice.

Dump Trailer

Dump trailers cannot be operated independently and require a towing vehicle. A semi-truck or a car can do the job, you just need to be careful that the combined weight of the dump trailer and the cargo does not exceed the towing weight of the car.


  • Easy to maintain. Since the dump trailer is separate from the tractor, the structure is simpler and therefore easier to maintain.
  • Multiple sizes to choose from. The size of the dump trailer is more flexible, from 12 feet to 40 feet. Even the manufacturer can customize it for you according to your needs, and Three Horses Trailer is one of them.
  • Towed by different vehicles. The flexibility of the dump trailer is that one can switch to a different vehicle for towing. For example, when the job is done, you can leave the trailer on site, and the next person needs to use it to continue driving with their own tractor.


  • More difficult to drive. Since the trailer and tractor are separate, the driver needs to think more when driving. For example, there is a need to make turns earlier, etc.

Dump Truck

The dump truck can operate independently and can usually carry up to 14 tons of cargo.


  • Better stability. A dump truck is a single unit with unique structural features. Because of this, it is also more stable and does not lose its balance when dumping a load.
  • Easier to maneuver. Compared to dump trailers, the truck is easier to maneuver and you can easily learn how to control it.


  • Dump trucks are more expensive, often five to ten times more expensive than dump trailers.
  • Less versatility. Dump trucks are limited in size and length, which means that when you have an unsuitable load, you can’t replace the trailer, only the entire vehicle.
dump truck

How do I choose?

It really depends on your usage. When the load is less, you can choose a smaller size dump trailer, which costs less. If you want to apply to construction sites, then a dump truck or larger size dump trailer is a better choice, which can save transportation time.

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