Dump Trailer or Dumpster, which one is better?

In the construction and roofing industries, waste removal often has a significant impact. There are many options for disposing of this waste, but dumpsters and dump trailers are often the most popular options. Which one is better? Perhaps this article will give you the answer.

What is a dump trailer?

Dump trailers are actually containers with wheels and high sides that are used in the construction and roofing industries, primarily to haul waste to the dump. Sometimes, dump trailers are also known as wheeled dumpsters.

Dumping style
Side, back, bottom
8ft - 20ft, with 12ft - 14ft being the most common
Number of shafts
1 - 3
Lifting mechanism
Telescopic hydraulic, double piston, scissor lift


In terms of frame, dump trailers can be divided into three categories: channel, I-beam, and tubular. Their main points of difference are cost and strength.

Channel Frame
Channel Frame dump trailer
  • Least expensive
  • Weakest frame type

Smaller dump trailers

I-beam Frame
  • Mid-expense
  • Mid-strength type of frame
Tubular Frame
Tubular Frame dump trailer
  • Most expensive
  • Strongest

Small to medium length dump trailers

What is a dumpster?

It is a mobile waste container that can be carried and taken away by special vehicles and arrive at a designated location to empty the hopper.

Compared to the dump trailer, the dumpster requires much less consideration. You usually only need to consider its capacity, weight.


How to choose?

Before making a choice, you can refer to their advantages and disadvantages.

Dump trailer




If you often deal with smaller jobs, dump trailer is the best choice because it is more flexible and can be moved flexibly among multiple sites.

But if you need to handle large jobs, such as demolishing a garage, then a dumpster may be a better choice. Because you only need a 40-yard dumpster to do it. But with a dump trailer, you will need two or more.

However, Three Horses Trailer can customize the length of the dump trailer and the height of the sidewalls for you, allowing you to fit the garage demolition debris with just one dump trailer. If you would like to purchase one, feel free to contact us.

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