Dimensions of Car Trailer

When you are ready to buy a trailer, choosing one that is the right size for your cargo will make all the difference. And the size of the trailer usually depends on the items you want to transport and the form in which they will be stored.

Standard sizes of trailers

Image Trailer Type Size
car-trailers Car Hauler Trailer or Tilt Trailer The standard size of a car hauler trailer or tilt trailer is about 8. 5' wide. The length typically ranges from 16 feet to 24 feet or more.
  • Cars, small SUVs, and minivans: 16-18 feet trailer.
  • Larger SUVs and trucks: 20-22 feet trailer.
  • Commercial trucks and vans: 24 feet or longer trailer.
utility trailers Utility Trailer The trailer length varies from 8 to 22 feet, depending on the cargo type. Longer utility trailers are used for transporting large items like furniture and construction materials.
equipment Trailer Equipment Trailer The standard size of an equipment trailer is typically about 7 to 8.5 feet wide, with lengths typically ranging from 16 to 30 feet.
enclosed_Trailer Enclosed Trailer The standard size of an enclosed trailer is about 5.5’ to 8. 5' wide. The common size for enclosed trailers is 8’ to 32’.
gooseneck-Trailer Gooseneck Trailer The standard size of a gooseneck trailer is not wide than 8’. The lengths are 26’ to 36’.

How to read trailer dimensions

Once you have a rough idea of the standard size of a trailer, you can search for a trailer by the length you need. However, at this point, you may find that reading trailer dimensions can seem a bit confusing. For example, 83 x 16. It may seem odd that in feet, the trailer seems too big; in inches, the trailer seems too small.

Let us break it down for you below. 83 refers to the width of the trailer in inches. Typically, trailers are no wider than 85. 16, which refers to the length of the trailer in feet.

For Utility Trailers, Enclosed Trailers, etc., you may also see a 5′ Heavy Gate, which is an 83 x 16 Utility Trailer w/5′ Heavy Gate overall, where a 5′ Heavy Gate refers to the length of the door or folding plate on the trailer. When it is down, the overall length of the trailer is 16′ + 5′.


What if you need a non-standard size

If you need a trailer that is a non-standard size, then you will need to get it customized by some trailer manufacturers. This will take longer than just buying an off-the-shelf trailer, but it will be worth the extra wait when you are using the trailer.

Three Horses Trailer is one of the better-known trailer manufacturers. They offer great service and can customize it for you according to your needs. In addition to the length of the trailer, they also include other accessories such as the material and color of the trailer, and toolboxes, and they can even customize special tie-down positions for your cargo according to its characteristics. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any of your needs. 

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