Different Types of Semi Car Haulers

Semi-car haulers come in different sizes and they are designed for different transport situations. Some trailers are small enough to transport only one car, but can easily fit into narrow locations. Some trailers are very large but can transport up to 9 cars at a time. There are four types of semi car haulers on the road today.

Single Car Haulers

Single car carriers can be divided into two types, open and enclosed.

Open car trailer

This is the most common type of semi car hauler on the road. It is suitable for short distance transportation in a short period of time. Because of the small size of the car trailer, it can be easily driven even on narrow roads. If it is used for long distance transportation, the shipping cost will be very expensive.

But this type of car trailer also has a disadvantage. Because of the open top nature, the car being transported cannot be protected from bad weather. It also does not provide privacy.

car trailer on the road

Enclosed Car Trailers

If the car being transported is an antique car, or other more expensive vehicle, then an enclosed car trailer is the best solution. It protects the car from the weather and from prying eyes during transport.

Also, it has a longer ramp and can reduce the angle to the ground. This means it can easily load vehicles with low clearance. If it’s not low enough for your car, there is also a rollback carrier option.

enclosed car trailer

Multi-truck Semi Car Hauler

Multi-truck transport is also divided into open and enclosed.

Open car carrier trailer

Open semi car haulers are usually found on highways and occasionally we see them on the roads. It can transport almost all types of cars. The car being transported can be driven directly onto the trailer, or loading non-running cars using a winch.

Car carrier trailers use tire tracks for loading cars in order to reduce their weight. Therefore, it is difficult to load narrow cars onto the trailer.

The number of cars that a car carrier trailer can transport is related to the country where it is located. In the US, a car carrier trailer can usually carry 2-9 cars. In China, it is also allowed to transport 12 cars at a time.

car carrier trailer

Enclosed car carrier trailer

It is similar to the open car carrier trailer, but with the added protection of the car. You can often see this type of trailer at collector car auctions, shows or events. Its existence also makes it easier to transport valuable cars around the world.

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