Different Types of Dump Trailer

When buying a trailer, you will face a question: what kind of semi-trailer to choose. When you make a decision and plan to buy a dump trailer, you will face the second tangled question: What type of dump trailer is more suitable for my business?

In this article, I will introduce you to three different types of dump semi-trailers.

End Dump Trailer

The end dump trailer is used to lift the dump box into the air, and then unload the cargo from the rear. They are usually made of aluminum in order to maximize the payload.


The advantage of end dump trailers is that their sides are higher, that means, they have stronger load-bearing capacity. In addition, it can also transport materials that are difficult to handle, such as large demolition debris.


Unstable. End dump trailers usually require highly skilled operators because they are more difficult to operate. During transportation, the material is likely to be moved due to braking or acceleration, resulting in uneven cargo. When the cargo is unloaded, it becomes more unstable.

If the cargo is unloaded on uneven ground, it is likely to cause the dump trailer to overturn. In other words, the front of the car will lift toward the fill-in. In the event of a rollover, you will need to pay a high amount of compensation, which will affect the overall operating costs.


End Dump Trailer

end dump trailer with belt

End Dump Trailer with Belt

In order to solve this disadvantage, people have developed a new type of dump trailer, they can be equipped with “live bed”-a conveyor belt, they do not need to lift the dump box to remove the load.

Side Dump Trailer

Side dump trailers unload cargo by tilting the dump box to the left or right. It has a hydraulic cylinder, which can improve stability. Its loading and unloading are faster because there is no need to deflate the air suspension before unloading.


Compared with the end dump trailer, it is safer and more stable, with almost no restrictions. Even on uneven ground, it can be unloaded normally.


The capacity is small. In order to facilitate unloading, its sides are usually not very high, so the capacity is limited. Moreover, side dump trailers are unloaded from the side, which requires a large area and cannot be unloaded in a narrow area.

Before buying a dump trailer, you need to make sure that your destination has enough unloading space.

side dump trailer

Side Dump Trailer

Bottom dump trailer

This is a special dump trailer. It releases materials in a long line, rather than traditional dumping pile. It was also referred to as a belly dump trailer. There is a clamshell dump gate on the trailer, which allows to dump material directly from the bottom of the box.


The purpose of the belly dump trailer is to minimize the weight and increase the maximize playload. Because this can speed up the turnaround time. If the trailer is driving at a constant speed, when the cargo is unloaded, the height at the bottom remains stable and will not tip over, and the trailer does not need to lift the dump box in order to dump the cargo.


The bottom dump trailer has certain requirements for the cargo to be transported. The most important thing is the size. It cannot be hauling with larger materials because this may cause it to get stuck under the suspension. At the same time, it is not suitable to haul fine materials or liquids that can leak.


Bottom Dump Trailer

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  1. It sure was helpful when you said that the end dump trailer has a stronger load-bearing capacity, so they can transport materials that are difficult to handle. This is a good tip for those who are planning to purchase a dump trailer for their project needs. I could imagine how end-dump trailers could easily handle big demolition projects that need clean-up services.

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