Different Type of Car Carrier Trailer

Car carrier trailers are very common in various regions, and they are usually used by professional porters to tow multiple vehicles at a time. Car carrier trailer can be divided into two categories: enclosed and open. In most people’s minds, an enclosed car transporter is better than an open car transporter, but is this really the case? What are the differences between them?

Open carrier trailer

This is the choice most people choose when transporting cars. It is suitable for cars of any brand and model. In open carrier trailer, there are three types of vehicles that are widely used:

  1. double-level multi-car trailer
  2. single level multi-car trailer
  3. single-vehicle dully truck with a tow trailer

Among them, the double level multi-car trailer is the most popular type because of the lower price. The second is a single level multi-car trailer, which is usually suitable for emergency vehicles or more special vehicles. Finally, there are single-vehicle dully truck with a tow trailer, which are usually suitable for short-distance transportation of cars.

double level multi-car trailer
Double level multi-car trailer
single level multi-car trailer (1)
Single level multi-car trailer
single level multi-car trailer
Single-vehicle dully truck with a tow trailer


  • Lower price
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Fast
  • Fuel efficient

Enclosed car trailer

The enclosed car trailer can transport multiple cars or one or two cars. Multi-vehicle transportation is the cheaper option among enclosed trailers. Single car enclosed trailers are usually used for express delivery, or to transport vehicles to auto shows or auctions.

Multi-car carrier enclosed trailer
Multi-car carrier enclosed trailer
Single car enclosed trailer
Single car enclosed trailer

How to choose?

Open carrier trailer
Daily car transportation. An open car trailer is a very cost-effective way. Not only fast but also safe. There is a waterproof cover when it rains, so don’t worry about your car getting wet.
Enclosed car trailer
Expensive vehicles. Usually, cars worth more than $75,000 will be required to use enclosed car trailers.
Low Ground Clearance. That’s because low-ground clearance vehicles will likely bottom out if driven onto an open carrier.
Collector Cars & Antique Vehicles. Because the enclosed carrier trailer is more stable and safer. Because the closed car transporter is more stable and safer. There will not lose parts to cause get damaged.

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  1. Hi there! It’s interesting to discover from your article that enclosed trailers are able to withstand extreme weather conditions as well. My grandfather is planning to go for a cross-country trip next month. I’ll have to make sure he takes this information into consideration when he looks for a trailer to purchase later.

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