Differences Between Lowboy Trailer and RGN Trailer

When you are ready to transport an oversized freight, you need to choose the appropriate trailer to complete the job. But which one is more suitable: one is the traditional lowboy trailer, and the other is the removable gooseneck trailers, which are also called RGN trailers?

They are all known for being able to transport tall and heavy freight, but there are certain differences. Before you consider how to choose these two types of trailers, make sure you understand these differences to help you make the right choice.

What is a lowboy trailer?

Lowboy trailer is also known as double drop trailer, with two drops in deck height. There is a well between the trailer axle and the tractor axle, and the distance to the ground is extremely low. The end of the trailer is slightly higher than the well but lower than the front, giving it two different levels. Sometimes, it is equipped with a ramp at the rear to facilitate loading.

What is RGN trailer?

RGN trailer is also a type of flatbed trailer, which can consign various large items that cannot be loaded into confined spaces. In terms of usage, it is not much different from the lowboy trailer. But there is an important difference between them: the gooseneck in front of the RGN can be removed, to create a ramp, allowing the load to be driven directly to the trailer.

What are the differences between them?

Transport capacity:

When deciding which trailer to choose, the most important considerations are load capacity and length.

Lowbed trailer:
  • Number of axles: 2 axles can support a maximum weight of 40,000 pounds, and the maximum load can be increased by adding trailer axles
  • Well length: 24 ft. to 29.6 ft.
  • Well height: 18 ft. to 24 ft.
  • Maximum legal width: 8.5 ft.
  • Maximum legal freight height: 11.5 ft. to 12 ft./li>

Common configuration:

  • Number of axles: three axes, support 55,000 pounds
  • Well length: 25 inches
RGN trailer:
  • Maximum well length: 29 ft. (main deck)
  • Maximum well width: 8.5 ft.
  • Maximum legal cargo height: 11.6 ft.


Lowboy trailer:
  • The neck is attached to the trailer
  • Lighter weight, stronger load capacity
  • Can be loaded from the side or back of the trailer
  • Can be equipped with ramps to facilitate the load driving to the car
RGN trailer:
  • Gooseneck can be completely deleted
  • Can directly drive the load to the trailer


The cost of RGN trailers is usually higher than that of lowboy trailers. Because from a certain situation, RGN trailer is a more professional heavy cargo transporter.


The low boy trailer needs auxiliary equipment to load cargo onto the trailer, it will limit the cargo type. But for RGN trailers, you don’t have to worry about this issue.

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