Common Mistakes of Equipment Transportation in the Construction Industry (II)

In the last article, we discussed three misconceptions about transport equipment in the construction industry, those are not all, there are some points we need to be aware of.

4. Providing Little Lead time

In the transportation industry, more urgency means higher costs and a shoddy plan, and fewer shipper services to choose from. This lesson is equally valid for transportation in the construction industry. Executing successfully requires a great deal of planning, notification, and oversight.

It also means that some companies do not have the means to transport construction equipment to the designated location within the time frame provided by the shipper. This is because the transportation company has many other things to meet. And, unlike other palletized cargo, construction equipment requires a more specialized process, so urgent requests can barely be met.

construction equipment transport

How to avoid this problem

This requires you to calculate your time efficiently. Please provide the carrier with at least 48-72 hours for delivery. Allow the carrier to have time to arrange for a qualified driver and the right trailer to transport your equipment.

5. Not knowing the details of the shipment

In order to ensure that your equipment is properly protected and transported, you need to provide the freight company with detailed specifications of your equipment. But in some cases, the freight company cannot know these details.

The most basic details include the size, weight, and type of machinery of the equipment. Also included are the serial number, make number, and model number of the equipment, which are also legally required. If the carrier does not have this information, it may be subject to fines. If you do not provide the information to the carrier, then ask them if you need it. This will avoid causing long delays and increased costs.

VIN code for trailer

How to avoid this problem

You can ask the carrier at the very beginning what information they need to move your shipment legally. Take note of the information they need and provide it to them. If they don’t have any information they need, you can also proactively ask them if they need relevant information.

If you often need to transport construction equipment, then buying a semi-trailer is the most suitable choice. You can contact us and tell us the largest size of equipment you need to transport and we will recommend the most suitable semi-trailer for you.

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  1. I like how you discussed the advantages of trucking and hauling in construction management. With everything you describe, there are two advantages that I enjoy. The first is the safety of the materials and equipment because they are equipped to manage it. The second advantage is that you will save time and money because renting heavy equipment is less expensive than buying it.

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