Common Mistakes of Equipment Transportation in the Construction Industry (I)

The construction industry often uses semi-trailers for equipment transportation. But in the process of transportation, you may encounter various problems. How can you avoid mistakes? In addition to learning from what has already happened, you can also learn from the experiences of others.

This article has compiled a few mistakes that other shippers may have made when transporting equipment to help you avoid similar mistakes.

1. Using the unsuitable trailer types

For equipment in the construction industry, most of the goods are indivisible. Therefore, in the transportation industry, there are specialized trailers that can move reliably and efficiently regarding construction equipment and machinery.

These trailer types include:

Removable gooseneck (RGN) trailer

It is suitable for transporting self-propelled large equipment or machinery, such as excavators, forklifts, pipe hoists, etc.

Lowboy trailer with ramp

It is suitable for transporting self-propelled medium-sized equipment or machinery, such as bulldozers, backhoe loads, etc. They drive to the trailer by ramps and can finish loading without a crane.

Trailers with outriggers

The outrigger is usually found on lowbed trailers. It extends the trailer width to transport wider machinery and equipment, allowing the trailer to support oversized equipment.

Usually, outriggers are of three types: out-swing, pull-out, and attached outriggers.

RGN trailer
Removable gooseneck (RGN) trailer
lowboy trailer
Lowboy trailer with ramp
The Role Of Trailer Outriggers
Trailers with outriggers

How to avoid using the wrong trailer

Avoiding this mistake requires some expertise.

If you are a shipper, you need to explain to your semi-trailer supplier what you are about to transport before you ship it. They will provide you with a professional service to recommend the right type of trailer for you. You can specify the size specifications of your equipment by providing the following information.

  • The make, model, and serial number of your equipment
  • Whether there are any attachments
  • The type of equipment you are moving (you can provide a photo for more visualization)
  • If you have modified the equipment, you will need to provide the modified dimensions and weight

If you are a carrier, you will need to find out from your customer the type of cargo they are transporting and recommend the correct type of trailer for them prior to shipping.

2. Carriers are able to drive equipment

Unless you need to transport your cargo at the port or load it at the port, it is recommended that you do not allow truck drivers to be responsible for or capable of driving your construction equipment on/off the trailer.

Because your carrier driver does not necessarily have the skills to drive construction equipment, they may damage the equipment.

lowbed trailer with equipment

How to avoid this problem

Communication will be the best solution. If you need a driver to drive your equipment onto a trailer, you need to let the carrier know ahead of time so they can better schedule the driver. Many carriers hire drivers with these skills, and as long as they understand your needs, they will place you with the right driver.

3. Destination Conditions

It is critical for open-deck trucking companies and drivers to know their destinations before they arrive at a location. They can plan their route ahead of time. If there are tight turns or they need to back up at a certain location on a winding road, they can plan ahead to avoid dangerous conditions. This also helps them to be able to arrive within the allotted time.

Construction Shipping Mistakes

How to avoid this problem

Send and highlight site maps of difficult-to-maneuver areas to the carrier before starting the shipment. The more information you include, the better off you’ll be. Because this will help trucking companies find more experienced drivers when necessary and avoid unnecessary delays.

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