How to Avoid Common Shipping Mistakes

Shipping freight involves a complex process influenced by numerous factors. Essentially, it entails entrusting a carrier with the responsibility of loading, transporting, and unloading valuable assets at their final destination. Given the substantial stakes involved, including financial assets, the integrity of your supply chain, adherence to timelines, and even the preservation of your reputation, it […]

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How to Safely Transport Metal Coils?

Transporting long, slender metals such as steel, aluminum, and fiber optic cables is a common practice in the shipping industry. These types of cargo are typically wound onto coils or spools for transportation. This approach not only saves space but also facilitates management during both transportation and storage. However, transporting circular objects poses a challenge

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How Does Hurricane Season Affect Trucking Industry?

As hurricane season approaches, it’s important to recognize the impact it can have on nationwide freight transportation. Therefore, strategies need to be implemented before, during, and after hurricanes to minimize disruptions within the trucking industry. Impacts Caused by Hurricanes Traffic Jams and Delays As a storm approaches, a rush to evacuate occurs, leading to inevitable

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what is dunnage

What Is Dunnage?

When we transport goods, there are always some goods that are fragile. They may be damaged by a slight impact. To avoid this, padding is an essential part. Some delayed shipments are usually due to lack of bedding. Therefore, it is necessary to know the common bedding materials and their common types. What is dunnage?

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