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How to Choose a Car Stacker?

In the previous article we discussed why to choose a car stacker, in this article we will describe how to choose the right car stacker for you. Two-Post Parking Stacker As the name implies, a 2-post double car lift typically uses two columns as stops to lift vehicles. one of the major benefits of a

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car stacker

Why Choose Car Stackers?

The use of private cars has increased dramatically in recent years due to the phenomenal growth of the automotive industry. However, compared to the number of vehicles, parking space has statistically declined. On the other hand, the global economy is at risk of recession in 2023. Therefore, how to maximize parking space with minimum cost

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car lift

How to Maintain Your Car Lift?

If you have a car lift, you know how beneficial it can be for car maintenance, storage and overall safety. Whether it’s in your home garage or an auto repair store, it’s probably the most valuable tool you’ll ever have. Regular lift maintenance is vital. Otherwise, car lifts can malfunction, which can damage your car

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car lift

Can I Install a Lift Outdoors?

Many people who use lifts will have the question, “Can I install a car lift outdoors?” People ask this for a number of reasons. They don’t have enough space in their house, usually because their ceilings are too low, or space is limited so they don’t want to dedicate space to it, or sometimes it could

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