Single Post Lifts

Mobile/Fixed Single Post Lift

Three Horses Trailer’s single-post lifts are available in mobile and fixed versions. If you are a remote worker, going to several workstations to perform your automobile tuning duties, then the mobile single-post lift will be a good choice. It also allows working outdoors.

The single-post lift can raise vehicles up to 3,000kg, which can lift most vehicles. Also, the lifting height can reach 1.9M EU standard, which makes it easier to repair the car.


  • Electrical release, optional manual release
  • Swing lifting arms design, easy to operate
  • ABS control box with rubber gasket sealing, water-resistant and prevent electric leakage
  • 24Volt safety control operation system
  • Standard aluminum motor avoids overheating and ensures the long service life
  • Screw-up lifting pads with easy-to-test and located support points
  • Surface shot blasting process, electrostatic powder spraying, strong surface adhesion, and durable powder coating
  • It has adopted 115% dynamic load capacity and 150% static load capacity test
  • CE certificated
Equipment Weight
Lifting Capacity
Lifting Height
Min. Height
Locking System
Electrical Release
Carriage Height
Arm 2+2
535-810mm, 385-695mm
Electronic Control System
24V Control Box, 330*200
Lifting Time
Approx. 50 sec.
Lowering Time
Approx. 40 sec.

Talk with our team about buying the Mobile/Fixed Single Post Lift.

Heavy duty swing arm

The heavy-duty swing arm enables the single-post lift to have a load capacity of 3,000KG, about 6,614 lbs, which can lift most vehicles. Also, the lifting height can reach 1900MM, which makes the work more convenient.

mobile car lift


Compared with other brands, the Three Horses Trailer’s pallet is a “bowl” to support and protect the rubber. It makes it more durable and will not be crushed.

2-stage swing arm

The swing arm can be extended to a maximum length of 1505MM, which is suitable for most cars.

single post lift

Why Choose Three Horses Trailer?

Three Horses Trailer is manufacturers of semi-trailers and we have won many patents and honors. With completed inspection equipment, the high quality of vehicles is always guaranteed. We have 40 welder experts with registered certificates and adopt the world’s top welding machine to make welding stronger. Two-component paint makes the paint adhesion better. At the same time, we also provide you with customized and 24-hour service in order to meet your needs.

Have questions? We are ready to help. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions and help you find the right car hauler and product for you.

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