Car Carrier Trailer Dimensions

There are different types of car carrier trailers, and the size of each type is different. Each is created for different transport situations. For example, smaller trailers can easily access difficult locations, while some trailers can transport 9 cars at a time, making them the most economical car transportation solution.

Single Car Hauler

Dolly, open car trailer or enclosed car trailer can be used to transport one car. Whether it is an enclosed car trailer or an open car trailer, the car is completely placed in it, so their size is not much different from the car itself. Car tow dolly is different from them, it just puts the front wheel of the car on it, the back half of the car still on the ground, so its size is the smallest.

Open car trailer

  • Length: 14 feet to 24 feet
  • Width: 98 inches

Enclosed car trailer

  • Length: 14 feet to 24 feet
  • Internal width: 80 inches
  • External width: 101 inches

Car tow dolly

  • Length: 92 inches
  • Width: 102 inches

Multiple Car Hauler

Open car carrier trailer is the most common car trailer on highways. It can transport almost any type of car, whether it is a new car or a construction vehicle, or even a scrapped car, it will be transported in an open car carrier trailer. It can transport 2 to 9 cars, although it can be larger, such a large trailer is dangerous on the street, so the transport of 12 cars is the limit.

Multiple car carrier trailers also have enclosed multilevel carriers. The difference between it and an open car carrier trailer is that it has extra protection against the elements. Such large enclosed multilevel carriers can usually be seen at collector car auctions, shows, and events. This type of trailer makes it easy to transport a large number of expensive cars across the country.

open car carrier trailer
enclosed multilevel carriers

4/5 car carrier trailer

  • Length of upper board: 30 feet
  • Distance between upper and lower boards: 7 feet
  • Width: 102 inches

7/9 car carrier trailer

  • Length: 53 feet
  • Width: 102 inches

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