Can I Use a Car Cover with an Open Trailer

Can I Use a Car Cover with an Open Trailer

Using a car trailer is a common means of transporting vehicles, available in both open and enclosed forms. The most obvious difference between the two is that enclosed trailers offer maximum protection for the vehicle during transportation.

Unfortunately, enclosed car trailers can be considerably more expensive, both in terms of purchase cost and rental for transporting vehicles. Sometimes, the cost of transporting a vehicle with an enclosed trailer can be twice that of an open trailer.

When budget constraints are a concern, you might consider using an open-car trailer to transport your vehicle. To protect the car’s paintwork or shield it from adverse weather conditions, you may opt to use a car cover. However, in reality, this is not recommended and could lead to some negative consequences.

Why Shouldn't Use a Car Cover During Transportation?

Most heavy-duty car covers on the market are made of fabric and are designed to cover the vehicle, forming a protective layer around the body.

However, no matter how snugly the cover fits, air will still be able to get underneath it when the towing vehicle is traveling at high speeds. While you can use trailer nets or other features to secure the cover, you still need to address liability issues. If it inflates due to air, it could obstruct your view or the view of other drivers. If the car cover flies off, it could obstruct someone else’s windshield, potentially causing a traffic accident. And because the cover cannot be tightly adhered to the car, there will always be some slack, causing it to flap against the car’s surface during transit, potentially scratching it.

car cover

Even if the cover inflates doesn’t like a parachute, the wind could still tear it apart. One customer encountered such an incident: he bought an open car trailer from Three Horses Trailer to transport his new compact car. To avoid the car’s paint being chipped by flying stones on the road, he decided to use a car cover to protect the vehicle. However, after only about ten miles of driving, the car cover split open from the middle due to the wind. Fortunately, the cover tearing did not damage or scratch the car.

How About Shrink Wrap?

Shrink wrap is commonly used in transporting boats. It can also be used for short-distance transportation of cars. Essentially, it vacuum seals the exterior of the vehicle for transportation. However, this is not without its risks. Prolonged use of a shrink wrap car cover may cause moisture to accumulate between the vehicle and the cover, leading to paint damage.

shrink wrap for car

When choosing the appropriate method for vehicle transport, considering both budget and vehicle protection is crucial. While an open car trailer may be a cost-effective option, caution should be exercised when using car covers or shrink wrap to protect the vehicle. Although they provide some degree of protection, there are still potential risks, especially during high-speed travel or adverse weather conditions. Considering both safety and cost-effectiveness, choosing the most suitable vehicle transport method for your needs is key.

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