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Did you know that car carrier trailers are the single most essential assets to starting a car hauling business? Not only are they efficient but also economical for hauling several cars at one go. However, it is not just about buying any car carrier trailer because any wrong decision when purchasing a car carrier trailer could be fatal to your business. You have to make safety considerations, cost, durability as well as the duration involved. You need a trusted car carrier that will not only cater to your hauling needs but also give you value for your investment and here is where the Three Horses Semi-trailers manufacturing company comes in.

Today, the trailer manufacturing space has attracted several investors leading to several competing brands. However, when millions of dollars are involved you can only trust the Three Horses semi-trailer manufacturers to make you the best car carrier trailers perfect for all your hauling needs. Not only have they proved to be the best car carrier manufacturers but also the best trailer designers. In addition to car carrier semi-trailers, Three Horses semi-trailer manufacturers also produce straight beam semi-trailers, gooseneck semi-trailers, drop-side semi-trailers, stake semi-trailers, skeleton semi-trailers, car carrier semi-trailers, and center axle semi-trailers.

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Why Three Horses Car Carrier Trailers?

Like I said earlier, hauling cars is no cheap feat since there is always a lot of money at stake. This simply means that using unreliable car carrier trailers can lead to significant losses. Here is a host of reasons why Three Horses car carrier trailers are ideal for your hauling needs.

  • Three Horses car carrier trailers are made from high-quality steel for maximum strength and durability. Even with the lighter body frame, they are still stronger than trailers from competing brands.
  • Our car trailers are also remarkably stable thanks to our detailed designs that have been perfected, for maximum performance.
  • Optimization of Three Horses car carrier trailers allows for accommodation of more cars for long hauls, significantly cutting down on hauling costs.
  • We have dedicated quality inspectors who ensure that all of our car carrier trailers have passed all the safety tests before they are released into the market.
  • Lastly, we complete and deliver orders within the agreed time frames allowing you to make the very best of your investment in our car carrier trailers!


  • Body made of SH800 steel weighs 6.8 tons when empty.
  • 10mm thick steel double-deck panels with a 30 feet long upper panel.
  • It is 45.112 feet long and 9.843 feet wide.
  • Three FUWA-made axle rods with an axle rod weight limit of 13 tonnes.
  • Hydraulic cylinder lifting capabilities and wire rope pulley structure, for stable loading of both the upper and lower panel.
  • 7 feet clearance space between the upper and lower platforms.
  • Twelve R22.5 heavy-duty tires.
  • High-quality beams.
  • Extension steel loading ramps.
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These are not only the best car carrier trailers but also the most economical for long-distance hauls. This category of production involves both trailers and semi-trailers of different designs and hauling capacities. Three Horses car carrier trailers are the best thanks to our state-of-the-art production line.

Three Horses Limited line of car carrier trailers is ideal for:

  • Hauling new cars and small vans for sale or auction.
  • Hauling broken down cars and written-off cars.

The small car-carrier trailers can only haul one car at a time while multiple car carrier trailers can carry nine cars or more for long-distance hauls. At Three Horses, we do not have resellers and middlemen. This allows our clients to access all of our products at the best price possible.


Our car carrier trailers and semi-trailers come in different sizes and designs allowing us to meet the needs of small-scale haulers as well as large-scale haulers. Clients have the option of paying a 50%deposit to kick start the purchase of a car carrier trailer. The remainder of the amount is payable as per the terms of our agreement with the client.

Payment options

We have safe and secure payment platforms because your safety and privacy matters to us. Once we have agreed on all terms of purchase, payment can be made in one of two ways:

  1. Through the Three Horses bank account.
  2. Through Alibaba for all credit card payments.
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There are several reasons why Three-Horses, car carrier trailers are recognized as the best carriers globally. Here are a few of them.

  • Three Horses’ car carrier trailers are 330 pounds lighter than similar carrier trailers from other brands thanks to the high-quality steel used in the manufacture.
  • Trailers and semi-trailers have a larger car hauling capacity of nine cars with a weight limit of forty tonnes; that is a lot of cars if you ask me!
  • Using Three Horses-made car carrier trailers and semi-trailers is economical since it helps avoid tear and wear when hauling new vehicles.
  • Car carrier trailers provide the safest and cheapest way of hauling cars over a long distance.
  • High durability. All our car carrier trailers have been professionally welded, with quality materials, tried and tested for maximum strength and performance.
  • Our car carrier trailer customization features allow our clients to make design, color customization for their dream car carrier trailers and semi-trailers.
  • Some of our trailers can be customized with covers to protect vehicles from weather elements during hauls.
  • Our car carrier trailers are fairly priced and therefore affordable by many.
  • Flexible terms of sales for all our car carrier trailers.


  • It is the case of all eggs in one basket that may lead to serious losses in case of an accident.
  • Larger car carrier trailers cannot access locations with difficult terrains.

All our production is done at our facility and inspections are undertaken with our quality inspectors. There you have it! What else are you waiting for? Trust Three Horses Technology to deliver the best car carrier trailers on time and at unbeatable prices because quality is our business!

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