Answers to North American Customer Concerns About Car Trailers

Recently, some North American customers have shown great interest in our car trailers.

We have sorted out 2 main concerns and answered them in detail. If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a message.

“Do 3horses car trailers comply with local regulations in the US/Canada?”

Of course yes. 

  • American connections.
  • Equipped with electric brakes, in order to meet the need for brakes when the total weight of the trailer and load is less than 1,400 kg but exceeds 50% of the net weight of the tractor.
  • The axle head is designed to meet American standards, below is the detailed drawing.
axle drawing

“Do you support customization?

Yes, we have a team of professional engineers.

  • To meet the actual use requirements of customers, we customize the size of the trailer according to the size and weight of the load.
  • Selection of the axle specifications according to the weight and type of the load.
  • Equipped with electric brakes, in addition, emergency brakes can be provided on each axle if there is additional demand.
  • According to the needs, you can choose whether you need some accessories such as a winch;
  • The color of the body of car trailer is customized according to customer requirements. If the surface needs to be galvanized, the exterior color cannot be changed, and the color of the body is bright silver after galvanization.
  • There are many types of climbing ladder, such as embedded, hanging, automatic lifting type, provided according to customer needs;
  • The flatbed can be chosen between wood and steel.

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