Advantages of Lowboy Trailer

Lowboy trailer is also called low-bed trailer, low-loader trailer. It is a type of flatbed that sits very close to the ground and can haul very heavy loads. Generally speaking, the carrying capacity of a tablet is 55,000 pounds. Once this weight is exceeded, most people will choose a low bed trailer. Nearly all lowboy trailers are made of heavy gauge steel.

Advantages of Lowboy Trailer

Scope Of Application

The low deck trailer is characterized by its very low deck height, which also allows it to carry a legal load capacity of up to 12 feet. This is not possible with other trailers.



lowboy trailer
Lowboy Trailer
Lowboy Trailer

Advantages of Lowboy Trailer

Lowboy trailer is characterized by its lower center of gravity, it is also the reason more stable than other trailers. You can use it to transport large equipment without worrying about exceeding the height regulations.

The application range of low-bed trailers is very wide. The original design of the low-bed semi-trailer was to make it easy to handle the heaviest cargo without compromising safety standards or putting the driver or cargo in danger.

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  1. G’day! This article very much reminds me of my cousin in Brisbane who wishes to transport a large yet fragile antique car to his backyard for display purposes. I just love the fact that lowboy trailers are suitable for carrying heavy-duty loads. Let me ask him to consider this option when contacting an equipment supplier afterward.

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