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Car carrier trailers are usually used to transport cars. One car carrier trailer can transport 4, 6, 7, 9 cars, depending on your company’s needs. Whether it is a normal car, or SUV, or a low-chassis sports car, the Three Horses Trailer’s car carrier trailer can competent. Even if it is loaded with different types of cars, it will not limit the capacity of car carrier trailers. Because it used a special deck, which is more flexible.

In addition, we provide customized services, you can get a unique car carrier trailer. Whether it is the number of loading cars or the spacing, you can decide through customization.

Three Horses Trailer adds molybdenum alloy and vanadium alloy to the steel to increase the strength, toughness, and low-temperature impact resistance of the beam. Corrosion-resistant than ordinary steel.

High-strength steel

Safer than single-point suspension.

Tips: We support upgrade air suspension.

Leaf Spring

Car carrier trailer of Three Horses Trailer used a special deck, it is very flexible, easy to use, and lightweight. And more importantly, these decks will not limit or reduce the trailer’s capability when hauling other mixed loads.


The beam welding adopts the original American Lincoln single-arc double-wire welding machine, which can ensure a stable welding process. And multiple devices can be connected in the same factory, which improves the production efficiency of semi-trailers.

Lincoln welders

Custom Car Carrier Trailer

Our support team will communicate with you and tailor the car carrier trailer for you.

How We Support You:

  • Fully understand your project and recommend suitable basic models
  • Changing or upgrading on the basic model according to your needs
  • Confirm the trailer drawings before building it
  • One-stop logistics service

Parameters of Three Horses Car Carrier Trailer:

  • Basic Information
  • Chassis Parameters
  • Body Parameters
  • Accessories

Car Carrier Trailer Details

Have questions? We are ready to help. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions and help you find the right car hauler and product for you.

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