7 Types of Agricultural Trailers

In the agricultural industry, agricultural trailers are indispensable. They are used for various tasks such as transporting crops, equipment, and even livestock. Different types of agricultural trailers are available depending on the type of cargo being transported. In this article, you will learn about different agricultural trailer types and their uses.

What Are Agricultural Trailers?

Agricultural trailers encompass a variety of trailers that are essential equipment for farmers and ranchers. These trailers are typically made of steel for added durability. Some agricultural trailers may also feature aluminum frames. They are commonly used for transporting equipment, crops, or livestock.

7 Types of Agricultural Trailers

Flatbed Trailers


Flatbed trailers are widely used in various industries, not just in agriculture. They have a flat deck without side panels, making them easy for loading and unloading. Flatbed trailers are typically used to transport heavy machinery or equipment, such as tractors, tillers, and more. Additionally, they can also be used to transport other items, such as agricultural products.

Dump Trailers

dump trailer

Dump trailers are used for transporting loose materials such as feed, gravel, soil, and more. In agriculture, they can be used to transport heavy machinery as well. With their hydraulic structure, dump trailers enable easy dumping of the load, allowing for efficient unloading.

Grain Trailers

grain trailer

Grain trailers are specialized agricultural trailers primarily used for transporting bulk grains such as wheat, corn, soybeans, and other agricultural produce. Similar to dump trailers, grain trailers often have a large tilting hopper or container for convenient loading and unloading of crops. They are commonly used to transport harvested crops from the field to facilities or markets.

Combine Trailers

combine trailer

Combine trailers are specialized agricultural trailers used for field transportation of combine harvesters. They are characterized by low beds and ramps, facilitating the loading and unloading of machinery.

In terms of functionality, combine trailers are similar to flatbed trailers but with slight differences.

  • Firstly, they require a stronger towing vehicle as combine harvesters are heavy machinery with significant weight.
  • Secondly, combine trailers are often designed with extendable lengths and widths to accommodate different equipment.

Bale Trailers

Bale Trailers

In agriculture, bales of hay, straw, and other similar crops are commonly produced. To transport these agricultural products, people often use flatbed trailers with high side rails or cages to secure the bales during transportation. These bales are typically transported from the field to livestock feeders or storage areas.

Livestock Trailers

Livestock trailer

Livestock is an essential aspect of agriculture. For the transportation of livestock, there are specialized livestock trailers available. These trailers have internal dividers to facilitate the separation of animals. Additionally, they are equipped with appropriate ventilation, lighting, and feeding systems to ensure the safety and comfort of the livestock during transportation.

Tank Trailers

Tank trailers are typically used for transporting water, fertilizers, pesticides, or other liquids for irrigation or spraying purposes in the field. Additionally, they can also transport liquids such as milk or liquid feed from farms to processing facilities. Tank trailers are valuable tools for farmers and ranchers.

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  1. While assisting a friend with some weekend gardening, my uncle came to the realization that having his own equipment trailer would be rather useful. He casually recommended shopping for an equipment trailer for sale over hamburgers, saying that it would make carrying gear and tools much easier. It would be beneficial to him to know that flatbed trailers are utilized extensively in a variety of sectors outside of agriculture because of their easy-to-load and unload flat deck that lacks side panels.

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