6 Types of Flatbed Trailers and Their 4 Advantages

A flatbed trailer is a type of trailer without top or sides. It is often used to move bulky or huge loads, such as construction equipment and machinery, between terminals and shipping facilities.

But before choosing a flatbed trailer, you need to understand which type of work each of the different types of flatbed trailers are suitable for, and using the right one can help you save more time and money.

6 Types Of Flatbed Trailers

Standard Flatbed Trailer

It is the most common type of flatbed trailer. It looks like a box trailer without sides, doors, and roof. It is usually used to transport construction materials, machinery and steel products.

flatbed trailer

Flatbed Stretch Trailer

It is also called extendable flatbed stretch trailers. This kind of trailer is mainly used for carrying very long loads that cannot be fitted on a standard flatbed trailer. It can provide maximum support, preventing the risk of overhanging freight.

Flatbed Stretch Trailer

Step Deck Flatbed Trailer

It is also known as drop deck or single-drop,it has a bed that drops lower than standard flatbed trailers after clearing the tractor. Usually used to transport oversized cargo.

step deck flatbed trailer

Lowboy Trailers

It is also known as double-drop flatbed trailer, with two drops in deck height. There is a well between the trailer axle and the tractor axle, which creates a “well” that allows to carry higher cargo.

This type of flatbed trailer has a lower ground clearance compared to a standard trailer. In addition, it is often used for transporting unusually high, large or heavy loads that require a crane to load and unload.

lowboy Trailers

RGN Trailer

It looks very like lowboy trailer, but the gooseneck in front of the RGN trailer can be removed from the tractor, to create a ramp for easily load. It is also used for transporting tall and heavy freight.

RNG flatbed trailer

Covered Wagon or Side-Kit Flatbed.

It is based on a standard flatbed trailer equipped with stakes and panels to surround it. It is also usually covered with a tarp. It is used for providing safe, weather sealed protection for your loads

Side-Kit Flatbed trailer
Side-Kit Flatbed trailer

4 Benefits of Flatbed Trailers

  • Convenient Loading and Unloading

Because flatbed trailers have no sides, doors or roofs, they can load and unload cargo from any angle. Loading and unloading of cargo is convenient, whether by crane or by hand.

  • Huge Storage Space and Efficient Delivery Times

One of the biggest advantages of a flatbed trailer is its large storage space. Its space allows you to load as much as possible, thus allowing you to spend less time on multiple transportations.

  • Flexible Hauling Options

Different types of flatbed trailers have their own unique features that allow drivers to transport different types of cargo.

  • Easy Cleaning and Low Maintenance

The open deck feature of flatbed trailers makes them easier to maintain and clean. You can also avoid repainting sidewalls when objects leave severe dents or scratches.

2 thoughts on “6 Types of Flatbed Trailers and Their 4 Advantages”

  1. I’m grateful you shared with us that flatbed trailers offer convenient loading and unloading since they have no sides, doors, or roofs. I imagine if you’re managing a junk car removal company, it would help to have a flat-top trailer to use when taking them away from their previous owners. I’ll keep this in mind in case I ever need to contact a trailer company in the future.

  2. Helping a buddy with some weekend landscaping, my uncle realized how handy it would be to have his own equipment trailer. Over burgers, he casually mentioned looking for an equipment trailer for sale as it’d make hauling tools and gear a whole lot smoother. It’ll help him to know that a flatbed trailer’s enormous storage capacity is one of its greatest features as it lets you load as much as possible and reduces the amount of time you need to spend on numerous transportations.

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