5 Signs That a Trailer Needs Repair

Trailers are designed to carry heavy equipment or cargo. They have to travel long distances and endure bad weather on the road. This also leads to wear and tear on the trailer. If the trailer is damaged while driving, it will lead to very serious consequences. Not only could the cargo be damaged, but the driver could also be injured. To avoid this, it is very important to know the signs of trailer repair.

trailer repair

What are the signs that a trailer needs to be repaired?

1. Clicking Sounds

If your trailer is making a clicking sound, this is not a good sign. You need to examine what is causing them and check for loose parts banging together. You can park the trailer in a quieter place. You can make various maneuvers on the trailer and hear where the problems stem from.

If you have a problem with the brakes, it means that there may be a problem with the trailer’s suspension or axles, which must be addressed promptly. Otherwise, it may endanger the lives of others and yourself.

2. Faulty Lighting

Faulty lighting sounds less serious because we can drive with the brightness of street lights. But in fact, it could be caused by a blown fuse or something more serious, such as faulty wiring or an electrical short.

3. Fluid leakage

Possible causes of fluid leaks are faulty seals or gaskets, or some metal parts that are corroded. If left unchecked, leaks will further damage the trailer. Moreover, these fluids are harmful to the environment. So, when you notice a leak, you should immediately contact your nearest trailer mechanic.

Fluid leakage

4. Limited maneuverability

This problem may be related to the axle. It is one of the most important parts of the trailer assembly. When you notice that your trailer is having turning problems or other maneuvering issues, have the trailer thoroughly inspected, starting with the axles and connections. It is actually common for an axle to fail because it is used so frequently.

If you see any cracks, corrosion, or damage on your axle, then you need to replace it even if you do. However, you don’t have to check your axle every day, but checking it every few months will ensure that you catch the damage early.

5. Unusual noise

Unusual noises from trailers are usually due to loose or damaged parts, so you need to regularly check the trailer for obvious damage. When you hear a noise coming from your trailer while driving, it means something is loose or damaged.

If your trailer has been in an accident or subjected to a rough ride, check your axle as soon as possible and stop driving. This is because driving a trailer when it needs maintenance can cause serious damage to yourself, your vehicle, other drivers, and your cargo.

What is the Life of a Trailer?

This depends on your model, how it is used and how it is maintained. Usually, a trailer will be used for 10 to 15 years. If you take regular preventive care of it, it will last longer.

In addition to this, the material will also affect the life of the trailer. Aluminum semitrailers are more resistant to corrosion, so they will last longer. For a steel semi-trailer, to last as long, you need to choose a trailer with paint that does not peel easily. Three Horses Trailer’s trailers are painted twice to prevent the paint from peeling off and to extend the life of the trailer.

How often are repairs and inspections performed?

Having your trailer serviced every six months is a good standard, especially if you are not sure where the service manual for your trailer is.

For brakes, you should have them checked every three months, or form three thousand miles onwards. This depends on how often you use the trailer.

For bearings, an inspection every few months is fine, not every day. In the inspection is that can be fixed by jack stands. The main thing to check is if the wheels are loose and if they are wobbly or loose, the bearings must be replaced. Besides that, the wheel should have very slight feed, usually less than 1/8 inch.

2 thoughts on “5 Signs That a Trailer Needs Repair”

  1. I found it interesting when you said how leaks will cause the trailer further harm if they are not stopped. My uncle wants to have a trailer repair on his trailer after noticing that some metal parts are corroded. You did a great job of explaining the Signs That A Trailer Needs Repair, this is such a huge help to prevent such accidents for owners of trailers.

  2. Victoria Addington

    I appreciate you reminding us that strange sounds coming from trailers are typically caused by broken or loose pieces. This is the reason, as you said, that you should routinely inspect the trailer for evident damage. I will surely remind my daughter of this since she recently purchased a trailer. I’ll look into full-service semi trailer repair specialists who could be able to assist her as well.

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