5 Common Commercial Uses of a Flatbed Semi Trailer

Flatbed semi-trailers are an indispensable part of any truck transportation fleet. Due to its open bed and no steps to climb, its loading and unloading speed is the fastest among all semi-trailers. The cargo of the flatbed trailer is fixed by ropes, so the cargo will not fall or shift during driving.

So, what are the commercial uses of flatbed semi-trailers?

1. Building and construction materials

As a large building and construction project, bulky materials need to be transported to the job site. These materials may include pipes, rebars, large concrete blocks, steel frames, scaffolding, fence posts, prefabricated buildings, etc.

For these irregular cargos, the flatbed semi-trailer is the best choice. Because enclosed trailers (such as dry van trailers) usually require cargo to fit a specific space. The flatbed semi-trailer is different. The goods can be placed at will, without worrying about damaging the semi-trailer, as long as the legal height and width are not exceeded.

flatbed trailer with pipes
flatbed trailer with pipes

2. Recyclables

Recyclables include scrap metal, bald tires, etc. There are many types of scrap metal, from old pipes to residential refrigerators, so flatbed trailers are more suitable for transporting these goods. Because its bed can pile a large amount of material.

In addition, recyclables basically do not need protection, such as bald tires. So, flatbed trailers have become a more economical choice.

3. Landscaping items

In order to make the city more beautiful, planting full-grown trees is a common method. These full-grown trees are usually transported by flatbed semi-trailers.

For the landscaping team, a flatbed trailer can meet the demand. The flatbed trailer can be towed by a pickup truck, which is enough to transport a small number of trees. But for large enterprises, the flatbed semi-trailer is a better choice. It can not only transport more trees but also transport equipment, which is the best choice for improving business efficiency.

Step deck trailer
trees on flatbed trailer

Whether it is a large enterprise or a small team, a flatbed semi-trailer or flatbed trailer can provide an effective method for the greening team: drag all the tools, equipment, and saplings to a deck.

4. Agricultural products

Flatbed trailers have always been the favorite of farmers and ranchers. This is their main means of transporting goods and mobile equipment. Farmers need to tow hay bales to the barn and transport heavy field equipment from one field to another, all of these are achieved by flatbed semi-trailers.

5. Equipment

Lowbed semi-trailers are usually used to transport large equipment, but sometimes flatbed semi-trailers are also a good choice. Lowbed semi-trailers are used to transport heavy equipment, such as excavators, bulldozers, or other equipment that are inconvenient to disassemble and cannot be driven on the road.

Flatbed semi-trailers are suitable for transporting equipment that cannot be moved by themselves, such as flat jaw crushers. Transport by flatbed semi-trailer is usually more efficient than transport by dry van trailer. Because some flat jaw crushers have sharp edges, the trailer body may be damaged if transported by a dry van trailer.

flatbed trailer with flat jaw crushers
flatbed trailer with flat jaw crushers

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  1. I’m glad that you mention that flatbed trailers are a good option for transporting building materials. My uncle is doing renovations on his house. Maybe he can get a flat top trailer to ensure he’s able to bring all the materials to his home.

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