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Pioneering the trailer industry, we provide a diverse selection of trailers including car, boat, bike trailers, and other trailers. As well as lowboy, dump,  van, and other semi-trailers. Our catalog also features advanced car lifting.

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Professional production line

Professional Production line

Large-scale mechanized production, with an annual production capacity of 50,000 vehicles.

Attention to detail design

Lighter Weight Frame

Using SH800 steel, the weight of the semi-trailer is reduced by 150KG.

Advanced Machine

Using Lincoln Submerged Arc Welding and Wire Feeders, the welding penetration is greater to ensure the quality of the semi-trailer.

Custom Semi-trailer

Three Horses Trailer provides customized semi-trailer services. You can customize any available trailer options, from axles, toolboxes, to colors and more options.


About Three Horses Trailer​

At Three Horses Trailer, we boast three dedicated production teams, each specializing in the manufacturing of trailers, semi-trailers, and car lifts. With a substantial investment of $65 million and a sprawling 60-acre facility, we are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our products.

Each of our teams is equipped with skilled designers who offer custom features, ensuring that we can tailor-make trailers to meet your unique requirements.

Three Horeses Trailer


I am incredibly satisfied with the car trailer I purchased from Three Horses Trailer. It's sturdy and well-made.

Matthew Johnson

The customer service at Three Horses Trailer was outstanding. They were helpful throughout the buying process.

Lucas Martinez

The ordering process was smooth, and the delivery was on time. Very professional service.

Kyle Davis

I've been using the trailer from Three Horses for months now, and it's still in excellent condition. Great investment!

Jonathan Clark Designation

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